It's a pleasure to work with students in Brussels. Some of their testimonials are below.

We have proven experience in meeting the needs to these students and are able provide specific exercises of pronunciation and grammar appropriate to students in Brussels.

" I started having lessons with Laure in January 2016 as I was having some difficulties at school here in Brussels with my IB French. Our lessons considerably improved my marks and my comprehension of the language. Each lesson, we worked on vocabulary, grammar and we did a lot of exercises too (dictation, writing and comprehension), all of that helped me to achieve some really good marks and I successfully passed my French IB exams at the end of the year! I really enjoyed our lessons and would like to recommend Laure to other students who need support with their French ".

Lea Kroot

IB student, Brussels, 2017

" Laure is the best teacher I ever had! She is professionnal, and always pushes me to study more. Her online classes work really well, I can study while travelling. And Laure always makes sure I have homework, and sends me after each class a review, with vocabulary and grammar notes. Highly recommended ! "

Caroline Clyne

Finance manager, Brussels

" My daughter had private French lessons in Brussels for a year with Laure and learned so much. She is an excellent teacher and tailored everything to her needs. She is professional, patient, and so helpful. Highly recommended! "

Esther Nahon


" I have been a student of Laure’s for about 3 years. Her online French lessons have been excellent, informative, educational and fun. Laure makes lot’s of effort to find her students' interests so the class work is stimulating. She also pushes and encourages her students. With her help, I have improved both in spoken and written French and in comprehension. I recommend Laure to anyone who wishes to learn French. Merci Laure ! "

Patricia Cornwell


" Laure has been supportively teaching me French via Skype for more than a year and a half. Her interesting Skype French lessons are very suited to my learning style and she is well organised, thoughtful and professional. I have gained a great deal of confidence from her French language tuition and feel more comfortable and integrated here in Brussels. I highly recommend Laure and lookforward to my weekly lessons. "

David Fertel, company director

Brussels 2015/2016