Learn French online via Skype with experienced and enthusiastic tutors.

" I initially contacted French via Skype for the convenience of taking lessons remotely, and quickly found that Laure was one of the best teachers - of anything - that I’ve ever had. Her enthusiasm and clarity of teaching style, coupled with rigorous follow up meant that despite my very busy work schedule i progressed quickly. I had some basic French knowledge from high school some 20 years ago, and have now progressed to a level of fluency where i can read the kind of technical literature my job requires, watch French television without subtitles, and most importantly have a dinner table conversation with a fast-speaking Parisian. Learning French in Melbourne, or any other isolated English-speaking city can be difficult but I can highly recommend Laure as a French Skype tutor, I’m pleased to have mastered a new language as an adult and to be able to have an entry to another culture. "

Christian McCabe

Melbourne 2018/2020