Learn French online via Skype with experienced and enthusiastic tutors.

"I am a Grade 7 student who has been studying French online with Laure for the last 6 months. As a beginner French student, Laure was fantastic in teaching me basics such as numbers, grammar, sentences structure and daily vocabulary. I think Laure is extremely patient ensuring that when I make mistakes, they are quickly corrected before moving on. We worked from my school’s French textbook, but she would supplement the lessons and give me extra challenging work from different sources.

The online lessons made lessons very convenient and flexible. It was a good way to learn from a Native French Speaker even though we are half the world away. Her lessons helped me create a strong base before starting French at school, and I am doing well from these strong foundations.

I highly recommend her to any beginner, intermediate or advanced French learner."

Paris Wong

Grade 7 student in Hong Kong 2014/2015