It's a pleasure to work with students in Melbourne. Some of their testimonials are below.

We have proven experience in meeting the needs to these students and are able provide specific exercises of pronunciation and grammar appropriate to students in Melbourne.

" I initially contacted French via Skype for the convenience of taking lessons remotely, and quickly found that Laure was one of the best teachers - of anything - that I’ve ever had. Her enthusiasm and clarity of teaching style, coupled with rigorous follow up meant that despite my very busy work schedule i progressed quickly. I had some basic French knowledge from high school some 20 years ago, and have now progressed to a level of fluency where i can read the kind of technical literature my job requires, watch French television without subtitles, and most importantly have a dinner table conversation with a fast-speaking Parisian. Learning French in Melbourne, or any other isolated English-speaking city can be difficult but I can highly recommend Laure as a French Skype tutor, I’m pleased to have mastered a new language as an adult and to be able to have an entry to another culture. "

Christian McCabe

Melbourne 2018/2020

" I started tutoring with Laure at the start of year 11 and I can honestly say that I would not have done nearly as well with IB French without her. She is knowledgeable, organised and she always pushes her students to be better. It was her guidance and teaching that allowed me to feel truly confident with the French language.

So I highly recommend Laure and French via Skype to anyone that either needs help with secondary school French or just want to get ahead in their French proficiency. "

Matthew Rassias

IB student, Melbourne, 2018/2019

" I have been learning French with Laure for over a year now and I am still amazed by the progress I have made. I wanted to be able to hold a basic level conversation for when i travel to France and thanks to Laure I feel like I have accomplished so much more than this. Laure makes the sessions fun and friendly whilst you still learn so much. I really couldn't recommend her highly enough. "

Jessica Boyce

Melbourne 2017

" Laure is a brilliant French teacher, I've learnt and understood more in 6 months than the 4 years at school! What I find impressive is if Laure can see that I don't understand she will explain in a different way so that I understand and adapt her teaching methods to suit me! I have a passion to learn French and its clear that Laure has the same passion to teach… all in all I can't recommend Laure enough. "

Riley Bennett

Student, Melbourne 2016