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“ In 1999 I was preparing for my professional training in Paris and I needed to improve my French when I had the oportunity to meet Laure and to take French lessons from her. Though I was one of her first students and Laure was just starting on her teaching activities, I was truly amazed at her enthusiasm, energy and creativity. She is a very talented teacher. Laure´s French classes in her French Language School in Prague were absolutely wonderful. I have studied French for many years and found her methods much more effective than the traditional ones. Prior to her lessons I had felt intimidated about French speaking.

But Laure´s teaching style was very encouraging and I used to enjoy every lesson and really look forward to. It´s impossible to back home from her class in a bad mood. Her activities are very well organized and balanced, she makes learning fun and she is able to make her students feel comfortable.

I do appreciate what she has done for my French which has been confirmed during my professional activities in Brussels and Paris as well. I would highly recommend this excellent teacher for anyone interested in learning French in creative, fun and friendly setting. ”

Denise Pechova,

Ministry of Defense, Prague