Why learn French?

As if you need to hear reasons to learn French! We hope that you have already decided to learn the language. Nevertheless, we can give you many convincing reasons to learn French.

French is a global language

There are many options to travel and speak French, whether for business or pleasure. France is the world’s number-one tourist destination and attracts more than 70 million visitors a year. French also comes in handy when traveling to Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Monaco, the Seychelles and other places.

The language of culture

French is the language of culture. French literature is extensive. One only need to think of Gustave Flaubert, Victor Hugo, Molière, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jules Verne, Voltaire and Èmile Zola. In fact French writers have been awarded more Nobel prizes for literature than any other country in the world. The French film industry is incredibly active and innovative. The French also have a proud record in fashion, cuisine and art. The French are also admired for their great philosophers, such as Descartes, Pascal, Rousseau, Voltaire, Camus and Sartre. When you read French, you can enjoy these works and authors in the original language.

Educational Opportunities

Speaking French opens up study opportunities, including scholarships, at prestigious French educational institutions. One year or even a degree at a French University will open up a wealth of opportunities for future career prospects.

Language of Diplomacy

French is an official language of a number of key international bodies, including the European Union and United Nations. A knowledge of French will enrich your understanding of world affairs and offer career opportunities with many international companies and institutions.

Access to Internet content

French is the third most used language on the Internet, adding to the richness of content available. There is also a wealth of content available through online French-language international media, video, television and radio.

Fun to learn

French is an easy language to learn. There are many methods on the market that make learning French enjoyable for children and adults alike. It does not take long to reach a level where you can communicate in French.

A good first second language!

French is a good base for learning other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) as well as English, since fifty per cent of current English vocabulary is derived from French.

Extensive Resources

There are extensive online resources to aid your journey in French, including many free dictionaries, grammatical aides, online radio, online television, podcasts and of course, lessons with French via Skype!