How does "French via Skype" work?

Learning French online is easy and convenient with "French via Skype". It offers an ideal combination of convenience and one-on-one online French Skype lessons or with 2 people.

Our view is that if classes are convenient and pleasant, success in learning French via Skype will follow.

Taking lessons with French via Skype is easy, the steps you will experience are outlined below.

Request classes

You can order classes by contacting us using the form on our website. Normally, French Skype lessons are booked in groups of at least five but you can book an initial introductory class the first time you use French via Skype.

Agree a class time

We try to be flexible so that you can have classes when and where you would like. We believe that convenience is important in order to succeed in learning French via Skype. We will exchange our Skype and email details at this stage.

The Skype class

At the time of the class, we will send a Skype message to confirm your presence then we will make contact to begin the French lesson on Skype.

In the first class we will spend time evaluating your level of French and your objectives. This will enable us to plan a series of French Skype lessons just for you!

The French Skype lessons will be conducted primarily in French to maximize your exposure to French. However, your French via Skype tutor speaks English and will be able to explain concepts in English as needed, especially during earlier stage classes.

Our French Skype lessons are varied to maintain a high level of interest. Some typical activities are listed below.

  • Conversation about daily life, French culture and news items.
  • Review of any home work. In some cases the tutor will be providing email feedback for homework ahead of class.
  • Instruction on a particular aspect of the French language.
  • Completion of oral and written exercises.
  • Practicing pronunciation.
  • Reviewing the lesson plan going forward.

During the week

Depending on your objectives and level of French, we may give you some short homework to be completed for the next French Skype lesson. This allows classes to be more efficient. You will learn much more quickly if you continue learning in between lessons. Our French Skype tutor also has homework, preparing your next class!

We also recommend that you immerse yourself in French with other activities such as reading, listening to French radio online and using various other online resources.