GCSE/A-level French tuition

French via Skype can provide GCSE/A-level French tuition for a range of students of all different abilities.

Learning a foreign language can often be difficult, especially at GCSE/A level where students are taught how to pass the exams rather than learn the language itself. Students can sometimes struggle to interpret a whole text in another language, or to appreciate customs from another culture.

Our French lessons are designed to focus on exam skills and how to succeed at the examinations, your GCSE/A-level tutor will work with you towards your four requirements of the exam:

Our Skype tutors will ensure you gain confidence in written and spoken French in time for the GCSE/A-level examinations.

If you or your child are studying for GCSE/A-level in French, and you need that extra one-to-one help, our French tutors are available online with Skype all year, during the holidays and after-school hours, to make learning French an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We offer 2 types of modules designed to your needs and schedule.

Online Module 1: Accelerated GCSE/A-level French via Skype

5 classes of 45 min, 40€ per class

Online Module 2: Regular GCSE/A-level French via Skype

5 classes of 60 min, 50€ per class


All classes must be paid 24 hours in advance.

In the event of a cancellation, the student must inform the teacher 48 hours in advance. Otherwise the lesson will be charged.

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