It's a pleasure to work with students in Lausanne. Some of their testimonials are below.

We have proven experience in meeting the needs to these students and are able provide specific exercises of pronunciation and grammar appropriate to students in Lausanne.

" A work colleague of mine highly recommended French via Skype to me and I have not been disappointed. Laure is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher and communicator, who creates lessons that are interesting and relevant to me, using the words, grammar and phrases I need to learn and know for my everyday life. She is flexible and imaginative, adapting the lessons and teaching materials to my changing needs, not always easy as I often have a busy work and home life. It is a pleasure to learn French with Laure; I look forward to my lessons each week and continuing to improve and progress under her expert guidance. "

Anne Pearson

Project manager, Lausanne UEFA, 2020

" I have had lessons with Laure for a year. One year ago I was at A1/A2 level, despite lessons and an A at GCSE level. My initial aim was to obtain the B2 DELF in order to work with French speakers, here in Switzerland.

From the start Laure was able to recognise the errors I commonly made and would write these down so that I could learn them, she would then test me in the following lesson. She positively encouraged me to speak, write, read and listen throughout this time. Laure would check my written work in between lessons and was always happy to help. She even bought the B2 DELF practice exam book that i was using, so that she could help me.

I have been to University and had Post graduate teaching in medical studies. I can truly say that Laure is one of the kindest, most dedicated, thoughtful, professional and effective teachers that i know. She is methodical and offers structure to her lessons. She possesses the characteristics and qualities of a great teacher. I do not use this term lightly, I have had several other teachers but she stands out from the crowd.

I worked hard and passed the B2 in November 2017, thanks to Laure. Since then Laure has continued to help me to gain confidence in my profession. She has shown herself to be adept at learning medical terminology as well as using different teaching styles to help me.

Thank you Laure, you have helped me so much to realise my dreams. Last year, I was successful in a interview in French. In 2018 I start work in a 100% french environment.

I believe that Laure can help anyone to learn French to a high level and boost your confidence at the same time. If you are motivated, she will help you. If you are discouraged she will help you find your courage. "

Dr Steve P

Lausanne 2017/2018

" I started learning French for professional reasons, and found the best teacher in Laure. She is quite flexible, and we can have our lessons when it fits my schedule. Her classes are well prepared and I feel that they are tailored to my needs and demands, and not just generic. For sure, we discuss grammar and rules, but also practice a lot and just talk about everything under the sun. Laure is very patient and has an open and friendly spirit, which makes learning just so much easier and more pleasant. I enjoy the time we spend together, and feel so much more confident in my skills. "

Christian Ewert

Senior Researcher & Lecturer, Lausanne 2018

" Laure is the best French teacher I have ever had! I have studied French through various schools here in Lausanne, and I learned more from Laure in a few weeks than in years with other teachers. Laure talks to me at my own level and my own pace, she always encourages me to exchange stories, and challenges me with new vocabulary. My level of conversation has improved dramatically since we started. I have even received several compliments for the noticeable improvements I have made. I feel confident in recommending Laure (French via skype) for anyone wanting to learn or improve their French ".

Anthony Beere

Lausanne, 2017

" I have been taking French lessons via Skype with Laure for 3 years now and I love it! Laure is a wonderful teacher. She is a native speaker, an excellent instructor and she makes her lessons fun and very inspiring. I have developed my ear for the language and lost my fear of speaking it. I heartily recommend Laure to anyone who wants to have a working knowledge of the French language ".

Patricia Neil

Lausanne, 2017

" I have lived on and off in Lausanne for 2 years and I had a basic knowledge of French before but my grammar and vocabulary were quite poor. I studied with Laure (French via Skype) over the last 6 months, and her lessons and explanations have been very helpful. Laure’s course material and exercises were tailored perfectly to suit my needs. I feel confident enough now to speak French while at work. Merci beaucoup Laure !"

Paul Dansk

Lausanne 2016

" Although I had been living in Lausanne for 3 years, I felt the level of my French was too low. So it was time to improve my French for both professional and personal purposes. As a an expatriate living and working in Lausanne, I have found Laure to be a great teacher. She is very knowledgeable and always makes sure we go at my own pace. It is always a great pleasure to attend each of her lessons ".

Julia Rosh

Lausanne 2015