It's a pleasure to work with students in Sydney. Some of their testimonials are below.

We have proven experience in meeting the needs to these students and are able provide specific exercises of pronunciation and grammar appropriate to students in Sydney.

" Almost a year and a half ago, I commenced ‘French via Skype’ with Laure because I desired to improve my academic ability and I have a deep interest in travel and global connection. Thus, I can testify to the excellence of Laure’s classes, which are perfectly structured to cover all aspects of language learning. In each lesson, there is always the opportunity to engage in discussion about daily life. This has considerably improved my conversational French and ensured that classes are consistently engaging and often humorous. Laure also concentrates on reinforcing new vocabulary and grammar structures so that they become part of my long term memory. Entering my senior years as a student, a key criteria for valuable tutoring lessons is effective pacing. Laure achieves exactly this, optimising my time so that I rarely feel overwhelmed and conveniently conducting lessons online. I can converse with a native French speaker right from my desk at home! Laure further caters to my needs as a student by willingly providing feedback on school projects. Overall, our lessons have completely elevated my French skills and confidence. "

Sasha Laragy

Student, Sydney, 2021/2022

" I began my lesson with Laure about a year ago. I had learnt some basic French. I wanted to restart my learning and toward DELF exam. Prior to it, I struggle to understand conversations or form the sentences properly. My oral conversation is my weaker link. Laure identifies the gap and structure our lesson accordingly. She helps me to prepare DELF A1 with lot of focus on my weaker area of oral conversation, and also improved my writing skills. I have improved tremendously and I aced my DELF exam with flying colours. Overall, I find her lessons to be of premier customised quality. She keeps me motived to continue learning at a suited pace. I highly recommend Laure's lessons. “

Karrish Tan

Senior revenue accountant, Sydney - Australia 2020/2021

I began my French lessons with Laure approximately 2 years ago when I decided to start refining and developing the French my father taught me growing up. I really like the flexibility that learning French with Skype affords me because I travel a lot for work and it means I never have to miss a lesson. Laure is an excellent teacher and she has helped me improve my skills immensely. I have noticed improvements on a weekly basis and I am also aware of how much more confident I am, which has really helped to motivate and keep me committed to learning and improving. Laure does not rush through subjects, we only progress once we agree that I have sufficiently understood/learned the syllabus. I would highly recommend Laure to anyone wishing to start or enhance their French.

Luc Mathery

Sydney 2018/2020

" I was really worried as my son was having some difficulties at school with his IB French, so I contacted Laure to help him and boost his confidence to speak French. His vocabulary and pronunciation have improved immensely. Laure also helped him frequently with his homework which he often struggles with. Thanks to her intensive tutoring lessons, my son is now more fluent in French. Merci Laure! "

Maggie Chan

Sydney 2017

" I began lessons with Laure for just a bit under a year now, i wanted to be confident in the language and to be able to speak to my family overseas. I didn't think i could learn so much within that time but I feel I have progressed to the point where I can comfortably have a conversation with someone. I would highly recommend Laure to anyone who wants to learn french. I really liked how the lessons were set out and how patient she was, and would explain and answer any questions I had. I wouldn't be at the level I am now without Laure's guidance and support. I am really glad that i decided to go ahead with learning french with her. "

Claire Muller

Assistant lawyer - Sydney 2017

" I have studied French with Laure from the very scratch almost for a year now, and she has transmitted her knowledge so well into my BODY, the language is on its way becoming 2nd nature to me. Laure is so attentive, so patient, so human, so honest and humble, she has all the right tools whenever you have ANY questions to improve you, and she has the most BEAUTIFUL smile. Learning is so much FUN with her, it just feels like video calling a friend on Skype. Now, this is how learning should be all the time, shouldn't it? She has inspired me in every way within my journey of learning French- to change my language settings to French on my mobile phone, to write my diary in French, to visit France and actually speak French with the natives, it goes on. I can't express how grateful I am to have met Laure and learn the beauty of French as well the country and the culture. My connection to people was able to reach a whole new level, and I am beyond certain that I will be able to belong and have so much fun in Paris for my near future studies there, all thanks to this gem of a person. If you have been reading this, and you want to learn French- you know you want to- stop thinking, I urge you, start learning with Laure. "


Sydney - Cours Florent Paris, 2017

" Laure is thoroughly recommended as a French tutor. She quickly found my weaknesses and gently encouraged me to improve with structured lessons and a very patient and understanding attitude. I've been her student for a couple of years here in Sydney, and I can now communicate effectively with my partner's family in Paris. Worth every penny! Thanks Laure! "

Dr Cameron Armstrong

Sydney 2011/2014

" My two sons aged 11 who were resistant to learning French have loved learning with Laure. With great patience she manages to settle and focus two rambunctious boys after the school day. They are enjoying their lessons and are very proud of the advances they have made. She has turned their attitude around. "

Dr Judith Trotman

Sydney 2012/2016

" I've received many interactive lessons that help me with grammar, pronunciation, on the spot scenarios, uni work. A very patient and thorough tutor that caters to your level and works from there. Extremely helpful and well prepared, well worth the value! "

Masha (student in international relations)

Sydney 2013

" Laure is a very organised, hard working French tutor and makes it her mission to making learning fun. I am very happy with what i know and how much i know and understand (which was confimed on my trip to France). Her online tutoring is well worth the value ! "

Simone Schiff, Fashion PR

Sydney 2013/2016

" Laure is a very encouraging tutor, and put me very much at ease, which is so important for gaining confidence in a new language. She is enthusiastic and reliable, providing appropriate materials to support my level of language learning. My fluency and my confidence has improved and I really enjoy our lessons. Highly recommended. "

Dr Giovanna Zingarelli

Sydney 2010/2012

" I highly recommend online classes with 'French via Skype'. I took classes for a couple of years and rapidly reached a level that surpassed my expectation. I found that I progressed rapidly and enjoyed myself at the same time! "

George Jessup

Managing Director 2015/2015

" Laure very quickly began rebuilding my daughter's confidence in both oral and written French. She is extremely knowledgeable about the HSC courses and has provided excellent materials. Above all, Laure managed the trick of improving my daughter capability whilst making the lessons enjoyable at the same time. I would highly recommend Laure’s French Skype lessons to any parent. "

Caroline Finch

Sydney 2015/2016