French classes in Geneva


Do you live in Switzerland and want to take French classes in Geneva? With French via Skype, you can learn French wherever you are.

Private French courses for expatriates in Geneva to facilitate your integration and your professional life

French is the official language of Geneva and the second language spoken in Switzerland, after German and 22.5% of the Swiss have French as their mother tongue. For a foreign student or a professional, fluency in French has therefore became a necessity. Also, it is the most used language, after English, since it is spoken in many international organizations like UN, UNESCO, NATO, Council of Europe, FIFA, Interpol, the World Health Organisation, the African Union and the World Bank. For this reason, speaking French in Geneva is an asset to increase your chances on the job market. Knowledge of French opens doors of companies and it is also the first vector of integration.

To make friends, find a job and enjoy what the French speaking part of Switzerland has to offer.

At French via Skype, we have had the opportunity to accompany many expatriates living in Geneva in order to best support them in their learning of French, allowing them to integrate better into Swiss society and to succeed in the DELF and DELF exams.

Some testimonials from students who have taken French classes in Geneva with us are below.

" I’m studying with Laure for about one year now and I’m very satisfied with her very targeted and well-organised French lessons. If you like to invest your limited time well and aiming for a fast improvement of your French level Laure is the right teacher for you. The lessons are intense and you better be well prepared and do your homework as Laure is a very strict teacher ;). First I found it very challenging to work so hard on my pronunciation but I realized quickly that this is key to a higher level of French. Also I was very happy about the amount of time one talks in her lessons as I know from my own German teaching experience that this is crucial for an improvement of the communications skills. Together with Laure I prepared for the DELF B1 and thanks to her I passed it with incredible 91%. I could highly recommend her as French teacher. “

Erika Mantrino, German teacher
French classes in Geneva 2021/2022/2023

" As a native English speaker who has lived in Geneva for several years, I have had quite a few not-so-successful attempts at improving my French. That all changed after I started my lessons with Laure! Very quickly Laure identified the "gaps" in my French and we began work on them. Laure is very dedicated to the lesson planning and sends feedback soon after each lesson with vocabulary and grammar points to work on and to keep momentum. Her help in preparing me to pass the B1 exam was invaluable. More than anything, I have more confidence to interact in French, which has been fantastic to my work and everyday life. I would highly recommend Laure - if you want to learn or improve your French, she is the best teacher you will find! Thank-you Laure! "

Eleanor Curtis, Head of Finance
French classes in Geneva 2020/2021/2022

" I contacted French via Skype looking for flexible one-on-one french lessons I can do from the comfort of my home! Having already passed my DELF B1 I wanted to set myself the target of passing DELF B2, in particular improving my speaking skills and my confidence. The lessons are really well structured, with comprehensive feedback and I requested some homework to complete between lessons which was also corrected and discussed. We worked hard on my weaknesses and finally I passed the exam with a mark I am really proud of! For me, the lessons had a great balance of me feeling at ease but also working hard and making progress. I would certainly like to continue with lessons in the future to help me with French in my workplace, speaking and writing in a professional environment."

Stephen Weather,
French classes in Geneva 2020/2021/2022

" I started learning French through group classes when I first moved to Geneva, but as I started to advance, I wanted to focus more intensely with grammar, writing and conversational skills. Laure immediately understood what I needed to work on as I explained that I would like to take the DELF exams and that French is critical for my career in the UN. She prepared me very well with the exam's reading and writing exercises, and fortunately, I was able to pass my DELF B1 exam. As I continue to work with her, I appreciate that she is a patient, very structured, and motivating teacher -- I would recommend Laure to anyone who wants to improve on French! "

Tomoka Nakamura, UN staff
French classes in Geneva 2019/2020/2021

Who are our French classes in Geneva for?

Are you a beginner or want to deepen your knowledge in writing or speaking? Do you want to improve your chances on the job market?
Whatever your needs, French via Skype offers French classes in Geneva for personalized language instruction, tailored to your specific needs and pace, providing focused attention to areas where you need improvement, allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively than in a group or a class.

At French via Skype, our French classes in Geneva will make your daily life easier, so you can engage with locals, shopkeepers, or attend local events. Learning French will also improve your level of communication in your workplace or help you find a job in French speaking of Switzerland.

At French via Skype, we offer online French classes in Geneva from beginner to advanced level to improve your French conversational skills in which you will :

  • engage with dialogues or role plays.
  • learn and practice relevant vocabulary based on selected themes.
  • assimilate grammar in a constructed and methodical way so that you understand the “puzzle” of the language and can express yourself correctly and confidently.
  • discuss your opinion and receive constructive feedback.

This style of course is designed to teach oral fluency and comprehension, you will work specifically on the skills you wish to develop and progress according to your needs and at your own pace.

Our French lessons are taught online via Skype, Zoom or Teams covering all aspects of the French language in order to best support you in your objectives, whether to improve your spoken French to facilitate your daily life in Geneva or to make the application for a residence permit or obtain Swiss naturalization.

French via skype offers French classes in Geneva in preparation for the DELF/DALF exams, and the Fide test guaranteeing you 100% success!

French via Skype provides French courses to prepare for the Diploma in French Language Studies (DELF) and the Advanced Diploma in French Language (DALF), certification valid internationally. Our French classes Geneva also prepare learners who so wish for the Fide test, recognized as part of a naturalization procedure or a request and renewal of a permit (B, C).

Our French tutor is highly experienced with the DELF and DALF preparation exams as well as the FIDE test, and guarantees you the best grades, and knows exactly what the difficulties may be for candidates preparing for exams of this type.

Our French classes Geneva for foreigners are given individually or in small groups of 3 people for rapid progress, focused on French and Suisse culture, by a teacher specialist with more than 15 years of experience in teaching French language, of which French is the mother tongue.
The methods used are specific to the teaching of French as a foreign language (F.L.E) and all aspects are covered: vocabulary, conjugation, grammar, phonetics, writing, spelling, reading and comprehension, newspaper articles, conversation, French and Swiss civilization and culture.

French via Skype offers several online DELF and DALF courses to choose from A1 to C2 level to obtain the best grades for the certificate as much as feeling confident during the exam.

French classes in Geneva with French via Skype, how does it work?

Our teaching method for learning French is adapted to each student. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will progress effectively, at your own pace. We always make sure to make every lesson lively and interactive!
First, your level of French will be assessed in an introductory class.
In this class, we will assess your level of French, your goals and develop a teaching plan. This class will allow you to see how learning French via Skype works and to choose an appropriate module.

Here are some examples of the different modules we offer :

Module 1: Accelerated French

Individual: 5 classes of 45 minutes

This style of class is for those with limited time who want an introduction to French or to refresh and improve their French conversational skills. All material, lesson reviews with vocabulary and exercises will be provided after each lesson by email.
Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Module 2: French via Skype as it is spoken

Individual: 5 classes of 60 minutes

This style of class is designed to teach oral fluency and comprehension. With your private teacher, you will work specifically on the skills you wish to develop and progress according to your needs and at your own pace. All material, lesson reviews with vocabulary and exercises will be provided after each lesson by email.
Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Module 3: Complete French via Skype

Individual: 5 classes of 60 minutes

This course is designed for students who wish to prepare for an exam or/and who want to have a professional French fluency. We will provide specialized vocabulary and in-depth grammar exercises. We will then provide written corrections by emails and lesson reviews after each lesson. Email exchanges and regular support with your teacher will be available for those who need it. All material are included.
Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Our modules can also be adapted if you have more specific needs, a teaching plan will be proposed to you at the end of the introductory class and we will then focus on the points to cover in order to best support you in your learning of French.
This personalized program can also evolve according to your rhythm as your lessons progress.
Thanks to our unique method, learning French at your own pace and according to your objective. You can follow our French classes in Geneva whatever your objective, professional or personal!
Our teaching is adapted to your needs and your availability.

If you want to discuss your needs with us, we will then be pleased to come up with a teaching plan for you. Please do no hesitate to contact French via Skype if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !