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At level B1, students become independent. Interaction can be maintained while understanding and maintaining a discussion and giving feedback. The student is able to deal with situations that may arise in everyday life. Please note that level B1 is required to obtain the Swiss nationality.

In language tests, the oral test is often deemed to be the most difficult exercise.
Here are some explanation and tips to prepare for it.

The oral B1 is composed of three parts, all lasting about fifteen minutes. For the third and last part, you have ten minutes of preparation.

  • Part 1: Guided interview (2 to 3 minutes)
  • Part 2: Exercise in interaction (3 to 4 minutes)
  • Part 3: Expression of a point of view (5 to 7 minutes)

1. Guided interview / l’entretien dirigé

This first exercise in oral production for level B1 is an interview conducted by an examiner.
In this part of the exam you will not have any preparation time and the test lasts two to three minutes, during which you simply have to talk about yourself and be spontaneous!
The examiner will ask you questions to guide the discussion and put you at ease.
Knowledge of the use of present, past and future tenses will be checked.
DELF B1 speaking topics can vary but generally cover everyday situations and common themes.

Here are some examples of DELF B1 speaking topics:

Introduce yourself:

• Personal information (name, age, nationality, profession, etc.)
• Hobbies and interests

Daily routine:

• Describe your typical day
• Talk about your daily activities and responsibilities

Family and Relationships:

• Describe your family members
• Talk about relationships with family and friends

Travel and vacations:

• Discuss past or future trips
• Describe a memorable vacation experience

Education and work:

• Talk about your studies or work
• Describe your school or workplace

City and Environment:

• Describe your hometown or current city
• Discuss environmental issues

Shops and services:

• Talk about purchasing habits
• Describe a recent purchasing experience

Food and cooking:

• Discuss favorite dishes or cuisines
• Describe a recipe or culinary experience

Health and wellbeing:

• Talk about your health habits
• Describe a recent health-related experience


• Discuss the role of technology in your life
• Describe your favorite gadgets or apps

Remember that these are general topics and the questions themselves can be more specific.

Sample examiner questions:

  • Pouvez-vous vous présenter ?
  • Parlez-moi de votre famille.
  • Où êtes-vous allé en vacances l’été dernier ?
  • Qu’est-ce que vous faites dans la vie ?
  • Qu’est-ce que vous êtes en train d’étudier ?
  • Que faites-vous pendant votre temps libre ?
  • Quels sont vos projets pour l’année prochaine ?

For this part of the B1 oral exam, you will need to structure and develop your answers by giving as much detail as possible and you will need to talk about yourself with confidence by giving information, reasons and explanations relating to your interests, your projects and what you do in your daily life.

2. Exercise in interaction / l’exercice en interaction

The interactive exercise lasts three to four minutes.
You have to solve a problem and you must propose solutions, negotiate or debate with the examiner.  Pay attention to the language register to use (“you” or “you”) depending on the situation.

You draw two subjects at random and you choose the one you prefer.Choose the subject that is easiest for you. Do not wait for the examiner to ask all the questions.

Sample examiner exercises:

Vous êtes en France et vous proposez à votre ami français de partir en weekend.Il n’a pas envie de voyager et vous propose de partir avec un autre ami. Vous lui expliquez pourquoi c’est très important pour vous d’y aller avec lui. (L’examinateur joue le rôle de l’ami français.)

Alors que vous vous promenez dans un parc, un chien en liberté se précipite sur vous.Il ne vous mord pas, il veut jouer avec vous. Quand le/la maitre(esse) du chien vient le chercher, vous vous rendez compte que votre manteau est tout sale, couvert de boue. (L’examinateur joue le rôle du maître du chien.)

3. Expressing a point of view / le monologue suivi

The third part of this oral production lasts 5 to 7 minutes with 10 minutes of preparation.In this third part, you draw two subjects and you choose the one you prefer. You will have to present your opinion about it in the form of a personal oral presentation. After your monologue, the examiner may ask a few questions afterwards.

The expression of a point of view must be done by following a certain methodology.

  1. Say hello to the examiner.
  2. Introduce the topic: Summarize the big ideas.
  3. Introduce the document: Use complete sentences to introduce the nature, source, author and year.
  4. Announce your plan: Use connectives and the future simple.
  5. Give your personal opinion with, arguments and counter-arguments.
  6. Make a brief conclusion.
  7. Invite the reviewer to ask you questions.

During preparation, only take notes. Give your point of view with personal examples, but you can also develop some examples from the articles. Finally, consider using linking words to structure your ideas.

Sample examiner exercise:

Commerce de proximité ou grandes surfaces ? Avec la crise et l’augmenation du prix des carburants, les consommateurs s’interrogent de plus en plus sur la réalité des avantages à faire ses courses dans des grandes surfaces. Les grandes surfaces sont-elles synonymes d’économie ? Et vous, qu’en pensez-vous ? Préférez-vous les petits commerces prés de chez vous ou les grandes surfaces ?

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