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IB French in Melbourne, what are the benefits?

The benefits of learning French as part of IB program in Melbourne are multiple and not negligible for those who want to continue their studies at university and put all their chances on their side in order to potentially get started in an international career.
IB French emphasizes the acquisition and proficiency of the language. Students can develop strong language skills, leading to bilingualism or multilingualism so fluency in French can be advantageous in various academic and professional contexts.

French IB students at the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Melbourne receive a unique, challenging and varied education.

IB French students:

  • are encouraged to think critically and solve current and complex problems in French; IB courses, including IB French, also emphasize research skills and independent investigation. These skills are transferable and valuable for higher education and professional life.
    are more independent in their learning; IB French courses in Melbourne places a strong emphasis on students' personal development, encouraging them to become thoughtful individuals.
  • are more open-minded thanks to the acquisition of a second language such as French; IB French courses focus not only on the language but also on the cultural aspects of French-speaking regions and the Francophonie in general. Students gain a deeper understanding of French literature, the history of France and French-speaking countries, and French cultural customs, thereby fostering cultural and international sensitivity, encouraging students to appreciate different perspectives and understand global issues.
  • ensure a better future, IB French program in Melbourne are internationally recognized and open the doors to the most prestigious universities in the world, particularly in French-speaking countries and regions such as France, Switzerland, Belgium or Quebec.
  • Are better prepared for international careers. Proficiency of a foreign language such as French can open doors to international and diplomatic careers, particularly in organizations or sectors where knowledge of French is required.

Melbourne's multicultural environment can also provide opportunities to use language skills in various professional contexts.
In all, French IB students often perform better than students who do not participate in IB programs, developing strong academic, social and emotional qualities. They are also more likely to succeed in their studies and often perform better than students in programs other than those offered by the IB.
The French IB is offered all over the world; in Melbourne, and Victoria only certain private establishments can prepare it.

Here are the links to IB schools offering French teaching for the diploma program:

IB French tutor in Melbourne, how does it work?

At French via Skype, our IB French tutor in Melbourne offers several IB French courses to meet the IB second language requirements.
Our teaching method is adapted to each student, you will progress effectively, and we will always make sure to make each lesson lively and interactive!

Our IB French tutor in Melbourne supports students who need a deeper understanding of the French language and targets key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and works meticulously to ensure that each area meets the required standards at the French level of Ab Initio (beginner level), IB SL (standard level) and IB HL (higher level).

Our IB French tutor in Melbourne will provide IB resources and past IB French papers to help you better understand the language and succeed in your International Baccalaureate French exams.

Our online IB French lessons in Melbourne offer dedicated one-on-one support, which can sometimes be difficult to implement in the classroom making it easier to both identify and correct difficulties encountered by students. This not only helps students better understand French society, but also makes them appreciate learning a second language.

At French via Skype, our IB French tutor in Melbourne is an expert in the curriculum of Melbourne schools that offer the IB program and works closely with their teachers to help you feel comfortable during the oral exam and get the best grade!

Our highly experimented IB French tutor in Melbourne has been pleased to support IB French students in Australia since 2011. Some of their testimonials are below.

" I started tutoring with Laure at the start of year 11 and I can honestly say that I would not have done nearly as well with IB French without her. She is knowledgeable, organised and she always pushes her students to be better. It was her guidance and teaching that allowed me to feel truly confident with the French language.
So I highly recommend Laure and French via Skype to anyone that either needs help with secondary school French or just want to get ahead in their French proficiency. "

Matthew Rassias
IB French Student, St Leonard’s College- Melbourne

“ I had the privilege of working with Laure to prepare for my IB SL exams during year 11 and 12, she helped me a lot, without her I would not have been able to achieve this result. She showed great patience and pushed and encouraged me in each of her classes. Laure is perfectly familiar with the IB program and the expectations of the final exams. She took the time to have me regularly repeat the vocabulary of the themes covered in class, she explained the grammar in a clear and structured way so that I could integrate it into my written tasks. She brought me many resources and in particular many previous papers with which I practiced, in particular oral production for which I had a lot of apprehension. In the end, I’m really happy with my overall mark! Thank you Laure! ”

Patrick Tan
IB French student - Wesley College - Melbourne

“ When I started with Laure in year 12, I was having great difficulty in class with, I had fallen far behind and the final exams seemed insurmountable. Laure took the time to methodically go over all the grammar basics with me so that I could structure my French both written and spoken. She was able to restore my confidence and the desire to study French, I was able to catch up and pass the final exams successfully. Beyond language skills, Laure was an invaluable tutor, always ready to offer advice, encourage my progress and create a personal connection with me. Thank you Laure! “

Sarah Lee
IB French student - Presbyterian Ladies’ College - Melbourne

“ I took Laure's classes for my French IB during my last two years at school. She has in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of the IB French program, and her ability to clarify complex concepts greatly facilitated my understanding of the language but also of the different themes covered in class. She took the time to understand my specific needs which were mainly in grammar to adapt her teaching methods. Thanks to her continued support during our sessions, I was able to gain confidence in my abilities to speak French and I was able to pass the end-of-year exams with flying colors, particularly the oral exam that I dreaded so much. I highly recommend Laure as an IB French tutor. Her professionalism and expertise were essential assets to my success. “

IB French student - Genesis International College - Melbourne

"I have studied French for an overall of 11 years but only started classes with Laure 3 years ago, and can say as someone who's had multiple French teachers prior, that she has been the most key to the improvement of both my academic and conversational French. I first looked into Laure to guide me through French in the IB as it is quite rigorous and academic which I had not encountered before. Since then, we have done a range of activities, from practicing speaking about topics which could come up in my speaking exams, to exercising my academic French by writing debates, letters and dissertations. 
As someone who is an introvert, I was very shy when first starting my classes with Laure especially as I had never had a native French teacher before and therefore assumed she had higher expectations. I still remember my first class with Laure where, instead, she was incredibly patient, warm and supportive. Since then, my writing, speaking, reading and listening skills have majorly advanced to which I've received comments from family, school teachers and even french-speaking friends concerning how much my French has improved! Even though I have graduated, I continue my classes with Laure to allow me to ease back into conversational French which is always the highlight of my week. Therefore, I highly recommend Laure if you're studying French as a beginner, an intermediate level or even if you would like to learn it as a hobby. “

Audrey Stewart
IB French student - Kamabala - Sydney

” I started having lessons with Laure in January 2015 as I was having some difficulties at school with my IB French. Our lessons considerably improved my marks and my comprehension of the language. Each lesson, we worked on vocabulary, grammar and we did a lot of exercises too (dictation, writing and comprehension), all of that helped me to achieve some really good marks and i successfully passed my French IB exams at the end of the year! I really enjoyed our lessons and would like to recommend Laure to other students who need support with their French “

IB French student - Westbourne College Sydney

Your IB French tutor in Melbourne offers online IB French courses via Skype, Zoom or Teams covering all aspects of the IB French curriculum and exams, designed around your needs and of your working time to get the best grades and feel confident taking the IB French exam in Melbourne.
Do not hesitate to contact us at French via Skype if you have any questions or would like to register for courses.

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