Learning French online in Australia, une excellent idée !


You are looking for a French tutor in Australia? With French via Skype you can learn French wherever you are.

Our online French class in Australia have received amazing feedback and have shown to help our students to progress in their learning as much as face-to-face classes. With one on one or smaller class groups and platform such as Skype or Zoom, there has never been a better time to learn French ! Make the most of your time indoors to start or continue learning French online !

Learning French can be challenging in Australia, students do not always learn French easily, pronunciation can be difficult, grammar also especially because the students in Australia in primary and secondary school do not have grammar lessons in English so first you would have to start with an understanding of what it means in English. However French remains a popular language in Australia and it is one of the most studied languages at the University of Sydney.

And by the fact that France is so far from Australia makes it difficult for students to learn French, so it is important to create a French-speaking world by taking each opportunity to tie up with the French language, by listening to the radio, podcast and TV, it is also paramount to learn French every day and not until the day of the lesson, try to make French a part of your life !

At French via Skype we have experience over many years with students based in Australia, we offer online French class with Zoom or Skype, conducted by a native French tutor with Australian curriculum expertise, giving lessons for adults and children living in Australia. Our online French Skype tutor based in Australia will help you learn French quickly and support you in your progress.

There are several courses for all ages to choose from beginner to advanced level wherever you are looking for a one on one lesson or if you are a small group of friends who want to share the experience of learning French online in Australia.We provide fun online French lessons with Zoom or Skype for children so they can keep up with their French, we also assist middle school and high school students to succeed at examinations for HSC and IB French in Australia.

Whether you are a student preparing for an exam, or an exchange in France or a professionals having to travel to France, or simply want to visit France and enjoy French culture, the time has come to choose the French online course that best suits your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact French via Skype if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !

Our recent testimonials from students in Australia

“It was important for me to learn French in a structured way, so I did my research and came across Laure’s profile. She was highly recommended and had great reviews. I decided to try some lessons with my partner. I can see why she had such great reviews. She was so patient with us, started from the start, was persistent until we got it. Even though it was on Skype, it felt like she was in the room with us and guided us so efficiently. She was structured and methodical, kept track of our progress and tailored our learning as we went. She was also so flexible! My partner and I lead hectic lives and having the convenience of logging in through Skype meant that we could log in anywhere for our lessons when we were travelling for work. She takes her work quite seriously, but still approaches it with a smile and patience. In the few months learning with Laure, our French skills significantly improved. I went to Paris for the first time last month and was amazed at how much confidence and knowledge I had accumulated from being a complete novice to learning for a few months with Laure.”

Noel Fakhoury
Site Quality Manager, Melbourne – Australia, 2019/2020

“I began my French lessons with Laure approximately 2 years ago when I decided to start refining and developing the French my father taught me growing up. I really like the flexibility that learning French with Skype affords me because I travel a lot for work and it means I never have to miss a lesson. Laure is an excellent teacher and she has helped me improve my skills immensely. I have noticed improvements on a weekly basis and I am also aware of how much more confident I am, which has really helped to motivate and keep me committed to learning and improving. Laure does not rush through subjects, we only progress once we agree that I have sufficiently understood/learned the syllabus. I would highly recommend Laure to anyone wishing to start or enhance their French.”

Luc Mathery
Sydney – Australia, 2018/2020

“I started tutoring with Laure at the start of year 11 and I can honestly say that I would not have done nearly as well with IB French without her. She is knowledgeable, organised and she always pushes her students to be better. It was her guidance and teaching that allowed me to feel truly confident with the French language. So I highly recommend Laure and French via Skype to anyone that either needs help with secondary school French or just want to get ahead in their French proficiency.”

Matthew Rassias
IB student, Melbourne – Australia, 2018/2019

“I began lessons with Laure for just a bit under a year now, i wanted to be confident in the language and to be able to speak to my family overseas. I didn’t think i could learn so much within that time but I feel I have progressed to the point where I can comfortably have a conversation with someone. I would highly recommend Laure to anyone who wants to learn french. I really liked how the lessons were set out and how patient she was, and would explain and answer any questions I had. I wouldn’t be at the level I am now without Laure’s guidance and support. I am really glad that i decided to go ahead with learning french with her.”

Claire Muller
Assistant lawyer, Sydney – Australia, 2017/2020

“I have been learning French with Laure for over a year now and I am still amazed by the progress I have made. I wanted to be able to hold a basic level conversation for when i travel to France and thanks to Laure I feel like I have accomplished so much more than this. Laure makes the sessions fun and friendly whilst you still learn so much. I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Jessica Boyce
Melbourne – Australia, 2017

“I was really worried as my son was having some difficulties at school with his IB French, so I contacted Laure to help him and boost his confidence to speak French. His vocabulary and pronunciation have improved immensely. Laure also helped him frequently with his homework which he often struggles with. Thanks to her intensive tutoring lessons, my son is now more fluent in French. Merci Laure!”

Maggie Chan
Sydney – Australia, 2017

“I have studied French with Laure while in Australia from the very scratch almost for a year now, and she has transmitted her knowledge so well into my BODY, the language is on its way becoming 2nd nature to me. Laure is so attentive, so patient, so human, so honest and humble, she has all the right tools whenever you have ANY questions to improve you, and she has the most BEAUTIFUL smile. Learning is so much FUN with her, it just feels like video calling a friend on Skype. Now, this is how learning should be all the time, shouldn’t it? She has inspired me in every way within my journey of learning French- to change my language settings to French on my mobile phone, to write my diary in French, to visit France and actually speak French with the natives, it goes on. I can’t express how grateful I am to have met Laure and learn the beauty of French as well the country and the culture. My connection to people was able to reach a whole new level, and I am beyond certain that I will be able to belong and have so much fun in Paris for my near future studies there, all thanks to this gem of a person. If you have been reading this, and you want to learn French- you know you want to- stop thinking, I urge you, start learning with Laure.”

Estelle Yoon
Sydney – Australia, 2017

“Laure is a brilliant French teacher, I’ve learnt and understood more in 6 months than the 4 years at school! What I find impressive is if Laure can see that I don’t understand she will explain in a different way so that I understand and adapt her teaching methods to suit me! I have a passion to learn French and its clear that Laure has the same passion to teach… all in all I can’t recommend Laure enough.”

Riley Bennett
Student, Melbourne – Australia, 2016

“Laure very quickly began rebuilding my daughter’s confidence in both oral and written French. She is extremely knowledgeable about the HSC courses and has provided excellent materials. Above all, Laure managed the trick of improving my daughter capability whilst making the lessons enjoyable at the same time. I would highly recommend Laure’s French Skype lessons to any parent.”

Caroline Finch
Sydney – Australia, 2015/2016

“I highly recommend online classes with ‘French via Skype’. I took classes for a couple of years and rapidly reached a level that surpassed my expectation. I found that I progressed rapidly and enjoyed myself at the same time!”

George Jessup
Managing Director, Sydney – Australia 2015

“Laure is a very organised, hard working French tutor and makes it her mission to making learning fun. I am very happy with what i know and how much i know and understand (which was confimed on my trip to France). Her online tutoring is well worth the value, I will continue to learn with her while in Australia !”

Simone Schiff, Fashion PR
Sydney – Australia, 2013/2016

“Laure is a very encouraging tutor, and put me very much at ease, which is so important for gaining confidence in a new language. She is enthusiastic and reliable, providing appropriate materials to support my level of language learning. My fluency and my confidence has improved and I really enjoy our lessons. Highly recommended.”

Dr Giovanna Zingarelli
Sydney – Australia, 2013/2016

“My two sons aged 11 who were resistant to learning French have loved learning with Laure. With great patience she manages to settle and focus two rambunctious boys after the school day. They are enjoying their lessons and are very proud of the advances they have made. She has turned their attitude around.”

Dr Judith Trotman
Sydney – Australia, 2012/2016

“I’ve received many interactive lessons that help me with grammar, pronunciation, on the spot scenarios, uni work. A very patient and thorough tutor that caters to your level and works from there. Extremely helpful and well prepared, well worth the value!”

Masha (student in international relations)
Sydney – Australia, 2013