Linking words, essentials assets to succeed in your DELF exams!

November 09, 2020

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Linking words in French are found in all conversations. As soon as you want to give an opinion, argue, talk about a consequence or express an additional idea. Linking words are everywhere. In French, they are called mots de liaison, or connecteurs logiques.

Linking words for your DELF exams : what are they for?

Linking words are essential for articulating your ideas, building your argument or qualifying your observations. Their role is to make your text or your presentation more fluid and better structured. They will serve you both for the written part and the oral part of the DELF exam.

  • Connectors create meaningful relationships between propositions or sentences.
  • They organize a text and serve to articulate ideas.
  • They mark the relationships between the ideas of the speaker.

The list of linking words

The connectors are divided into several categories, here is a list of useful linking words for your DELF exam.

list of linking words

Tips for using linking words properly during your DELF exam

To use linking words properly, here are some tips to avoid making mistakes.

Use only the ones you know

There is no need to know them all by heart, a few by category will be enough to vary your vocabulary.

Watch out for the subjunctive!

Not all connectors use the subjunctive after « que ».


  • Le soleil brille alors qu’il fait froid. → indicative
  • Elle nous aide afin que nous puissions réussir à nos examens. → subjunctive

Write a list of words to use as you speak

Here are some examples:

  • To commence: “D’abord, je pense que…”, “En plus, cela voudrait dire que…”
  • To introduce disagreement: “Moi, par contre, je ne partage pas du tout cet avis.”, “Au contraire, je crois que…”
  • To express agreement: “En effet, je suis d’avis que…”
  • To express opposition: “Malgré ces avantages, des risques sont à observés.”
  • To express cause: “Grâce à ce projet, on pourrait…”, “À cause de ce changement, il serait nécessaire de…”
  • To conclude: “En conclusion, je pense que…”, “Pour finir, je ne suis vraiment pas d’accord avec le document, et je pense qu’au contraire…”, “Finalement, je trouve cette idée très interessante…”

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