Learn French in Geneva and obtain your FIDE language passport!

June 10, 2020

Swiss and French flags

These days, Geneva is the most cosmopolite and welcoming city of Switzerland. In Geneva, the two languages ​​most used at work are French and English, which are preferred over other languages. Hence the need to learn French in Geneva to facilitate integration into life in Switzerland. In recent years, certification of language skills has gained importance in naturalization and foreigner law procedures in Switzerland.

What is FIDE?

FIDE is an acronym for “French, Italiano, Deutsch in Switzerland” and refers to the Swiss program for the promotion of linguistic integration. From January 2019, anyone wanting to renew his or her work permit or right to stay in Switzerland needs to show a minimum competency in the local language. If you live in Geneva or in the French part of Switzerland as an expatriate, it is now paramount you learn French in Geneva. The requirement of speaking French in Geneva also applies to the whole family. You will receive your passport after having passed the language test FIDE. The level of French for FIDE language passport required depends on your type of permit :

  • For a B permit (work permit) A2 oral/A1 written
  • For a C permit (residence permit) B1 oral/A1 written
  • For a Citizenship B1 oral/A2 written

At French via Skype we specialize for the French FIDE assessment in Geneva and the French part of Switzerland, you can certify your French language level with confidence and guarantee your French FIDE assessment with success.

Our French tutor in Geneva provides online French classes via Skype or Zoom for all levels required for the French FIDE assessment. French via Skype offers several online French courses in Geneva to choose from beginner to more advanced level. to obtain your French FIDE langage passport.

Don’t hesitate to contact French via Skype if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !