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May 20, 2022

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You are looking for a French tutor in Geneva?

With French via Skype, you can learn French wherever you are.

Learning French in Geneva is essential

French is the official language of Geneva and the second language spoken in Switzerland, after German. In addition, it is the most used language, after English, in international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the Council of Europe, FIFA, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, African Union and Interpol. Learn French in Geneva is therefore learning a privileged working language.Moreover, more than 200 million people speak French on the 5 continents. Francophonie brings together 68 states and governments.For this reason, learn French in Geneva is an asset to increase your chances on the job market.

Learn French in Geneva for a successful professional life

French via skype helps you acquire a better command of the language to increase your chances of finding a qualified job. Learn French in Geneva is an essential condition for finding a qualified job in French-speaking Switzerland. This is why French via Skype has set up French courses with the aim of facilitating the professional integration process for qualified migrants in Geneva.Our courses are particularly aimed at a qualified migrant public wishing to improve their French for professional reasons.

Learn French in Geneva for a better social life

Learn French in Geneva plays an essential role in the integration process in Geneva.This allows for better social and professional integration since it facilitates access to all kinds of information, benefits and services, as well as the exercise of certain rights and understanding of the functioning of institutions.Learn French in Geneva is important for a successful move in Geneva. Whether at school, at the doctor’s office, at the post office or for leisure, everywhere you will need to communicate with other people.

French via Skype offers teaching adapted to the needs and pace of each learner, in order to achieve their own objectives.If you want to discuss your needs with us, we will then be pleased to come up with a teaching plan for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at French via Skype.

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