Why learn French online in Switzerland?

June 09, 2020

Student studying French

You are looking for a French tutor in Switzerland?

With French via Skype you can learn French wherever you are.

Our online French lessons in Switzerland have received amazing feedback and have shown to help our students to progress in their learning as much as face-to-face classes. With one on one or smaller class groups and platform such as Skype or Zoom, there has never been a better time to learn French ! Make the most of your time indoors to start or continue learning French online !

Some expatriates feel that it is not necessary to speak or understand the local language of their host country. This is partly true, because it is really possible to manage life without having to speak the local language.In most parts of the world, English will do the job very well.However, not being able to understand or speak the local language can affect certain aspect of everyday life.

If you want to integrate in Switzerland, an important aspect that should not be overlooked is communication. Whether you want to do your shopping, or bond, you need to be able to express yourself and listen. Living abroad is a unique opportunity to gain additional knowledge, and it is easier to learn a language when you can practice it on a daily basis. Learning French online via Skype or Zoom can be a real pleasure, especially if a lot of people around you speak the language.

If you are a corporate employee, learning French online in Switzerland via Skype or Zoom will give you a great opportunity to speak more with local employees, which can be very beneficial in terms of improving the corporate culture.And no matter if you already have a job, or if you are looking for a job in Switzerland, knowledge of French will always be considered a big plus.

At French via Skype we have experience over many years with professionals based in Switzerland. Our clients include :

  • Deputies, project manager and policy officers at UN, CITES and other humanitarian intergovernmental and non governmental organizations.
  • Scientists, health specialists and epidemiologists working for World Health Organization.
  • Executives, and senior executives at UEFA, NESTLE, Glencore International, ABB, BUNGE, and other global companies.

Whatever your needs, French via Skype offers several online French courses to choose from beginner to advanced level wherever you are looking for a one on one lesson or if you are a small group of friends who want to share the experience of learning French online in Switzerland. Our online French Skype tutor will help you quickly gain autonomy in everyday situations and support you in your progress.

Whether you have been in Switzerland for a long time or have just moved there, the time has come to choose the French online course that best suits your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact French via Skype if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !


Our recent testimonials from students in Switzerland

“I started learning French through group classes when I first moved to Geneva, but as I started to advance, I wanted to focus more intensely with grammar, writing and conversational skills. Laure immediately understood what I needed to work on as I explained that I would like to take the DELF exams and that French is critical for my career in the UN. She prepared me very well with the exam’s reading and writing exercises, and fortunately, I was able to pass my DELF B1 exam. As I continue to work with her, I appreciate that she is a patient, very structured, and motivating teacher — I would recommend Laure to anyone who wants to improve on French!”

Tomoka Nakamura

UN staff, Geneva, Switzerland 2018/2019/2020

“A work colleague of mine highly recommended French via Skype to me and I have not been disappointed. Laure is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher and communicator, who creates lessons that are interesting and relevant to me, using the words, grammar and phrases I need to learn and know for my everyday life. She is flexible and imaginative, adapting the lessons and teaching materials to my changing needs, not always easy as I often have a busy work and home life. It is a pleasure to learn French with Laure; I look forward to my lessons each week and continuing to improve and progress under her expert guidance.”

Anne Pearson

Project manager, Lausanne UEFA – Switzerland 2019/2020

“Laure and I have been working together for a couple of years and I’ve been loyal to her French Skype lessons because they’re hard to beat. I was determined not to be an Expat in Geneva who knows zero French as it’s too good an opportunity to pass up learning while living here. While I’m no natural linguist (I like to talk a lot in my mother tongue!) Laure has been very patient in helping me to improve in my conversational French, which was always my priority. Laure has always been flexible around my schedule and we’ve fitted in lessons before work or during lunch hours. I would highly recommend working with Laure!”

Helen Adams

Geneva Insight Vacations – Switzerland

“Laure is a fantastic French teacher, over the last 10 months my speaking has grown in leaps and bounds and I feel progression after every lesson. Laure is very organised, proactive and also adaptable to my needs. I genuinely look forward to my lessons with Laure, she has great patience and a wonderful sense of humour. I cannot recommend her lessons highly enough.”

Georgina Green 

Lausanne UEFA – Switzerland 2019/2020

“I have had lessons with Laure for a year. One year ago I was at A1/A2 level, despite lessons and an A at GCSE level. My initial aim was to obtain the B2 DELF in order to work with French speakers, here in Switzerland.From the start Laure was able to recognise the errors I commonly made and would write these down so that I could learn them, she would then test me in the following lesson. She positively encouraged me to speak, write, read and listen throughout this time. Laure would check my written work in between lessons and was always happy to help. She even bought the B2 DELF practice exam book that i was using, so that she could help me.I have been to University and had Post graduate teaching in medical studies. I can truly say that Laure is one of the kindest, most dedicated, thoughtful, professional and effective teachers that i know. She is methodical and offers structure to her lessons. She possesses the characteristics and qualities of a great teacher. I do not use this term lightly, I have had several other teachers but she stands out from the crowd.I worked hard and passed the B2 in November 2017, thanks to Laure. Since then Laure has continued to help me to gain confidence in my profession. She has shown herself to be adept at learning medical terminology as well as using different teaching styles to help me.Thank you Laure, you have helped me so much to realise my dreams. Last year, I was successful in a interview in French. In 2018 I start work in a 100% french environment.I believe that Laure can help anyone to learn French to a high level and boost your confidence at the same time. If you are motivated, she will help you. If you are discouraged she will help you find your courage.”

Dr Steve P

Lausanne – Switzerland 2017/2018

“I was a complete novice when I began French with Laure via skype 3 years ago. I was not confident of my ability to learn to speak another language as my previous experiences had been discouraging. Laure has taught, encouraged and guided me with skill and commitment to the point where I feel I can say “I speak French!” She has taken time to understand me and how I learn best and tailors my lesson to suit me. Learning via skype is fantastically convenient and Laure has really made this teaching medium work effectively. I would highly recommend her to anyone of any age.”

Linley Bennett

Geneva, UN – Switzerland 2015/2020

“I had 10 lessons with Laure, the main goals being to improve my grammar, speaking skills and overall level of confidence. Any apprehensions I had about learning a language via Skype were dispelled right at the start of the course. Laure’s personable nature, unfailing patience and outstanding ability to adjust to my own pace made sure I got the most out of each and every lesson. This was by far the most productive and rewarding language course I have taken. I highly recommend Laure to anyone wanting to improve their French. “


Vevey- Switzerland 2017

“Laure really helped me develop my confidence speaking french, something which I always found daunting – my spoken french is much better for these sessions. Additionally, Laure developed a structured environment where we focused on various ares, such as reading, writing and listening but without it feeling boring and too much as though I was in a classroom. After six months, I improved significantly in all areas.”

Laura L

Senior Manager, Geneva – Switzerland 2014/2015

“I started learning French in a group when i moved to Geneva 2 years ago, without good result. I then read about Laure’s website French via Skype on a blog, and decided myself to give it a try. I have never used Skype before, and was a bit nervous about it. Laure has been very understanding and professionnal, she took the time to explain me how to use Skype and how the classes work, and so far it has been excellent ! I really enjoy learning French online with her. She is a very serious teacher who is flexible enough to work with my needs and rhythm. After each lesson, she systematically sends me lesson reviews, which I found so helpful, i have improved dramatically since we started, and I feel now confident enough to even use French while at work. I’ll definitely recommend Laure’s online French lessons.”

Sandra Peters

Financial advisor, Geneva – Switzerland 2014/2020

“The Skype lesson works well with my schedule, I have been able to have the class whilst I was traveling. Laure is very professional and can quickly assess your needs and move you forward. I highly recommend her online classes!”


Event manager, Geneva – Switzerland 2014/2020

“My family and I, settled in Switzerland 3 years ago, due to my husband work at UN. While our two boys had no difficulty picking up on the language, I found myself struggling learning French. It was quiet isolating to start with. Last year, I started to take online lessons with Laure, and I am now able to communicate clearly. Laure is an excellent teacher. She speaks English and French fluently and she is very easily understood. She has helped me understand more than I thought I would. Merci Laure!”

Melanie Matau

Geneva – Switzerland 2014/2018