You want to take the DELF in Boston?


You are looking for DELF courses in Boston?
At French via Skype, our DELF French tutor helps you prepare for the DELF exams to feel confident and get the best marks!

The DELF/DALF offers several levels of French language whether you are a beginner or you speak French fluently.
The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are diplomas in French as a foreign language issued by the French Ministry of National Education.
DELF/DALF certifications are spread over 6 levels:

  • A1/A2 (elementary level)
  • B1/B2 (independent level)
  • C1/C2 (experienced level)

At each level, 4 skills are assessed: oral comprehension and oral production, written comprehension and written production.

Do you want to take the DELF in Boston?

Before deciding to take the DELF, consider your personal and professional goals, as well as your level of French proficiency. If you have specific goals that align with language certification, taking the DELF in Boston can be a valuable investment in your French learning journey.

Why take the DELF in Boston?

Taking the DELF in Boston, a city known for its cultural diversity and international connections, can offer several benefits for individuals, whether for  children (DELF junior and DELF prim) or for adult (DELF and DALF):

  • Accessibility: Boston is a major city with diverse educational and cultural institutions. It often hosts DELF exam sessions, making it convenient for French learners in the area to take the exam without traveling far.
  • Official Certification: Passing the DELF exam provides you with an internationally recognized certificate issued by the French Ministry of Education. Whether you're a child or an adult, having a DELF certificate demonstrates your level of proficiency in French, which can be valuable for academic, professional, and personal purposes.
  • Academic Advancement: For children, achieving a DELF certification can enhance their academic profile and open up opportunities for further education, including studying abroad in French-speaking countries or enrolling in bilingual programs. For adults, a DELF certificate can be beneficial for academic purposes, such as applying to universities or language schools that require proof of French proficiency.
  • Career Opportunities: French language skills are highly valued in many industries, including international business, tourism, diplomacy, and education. Holding a DELF certificate can enhance your job prospects and career advancement opportunities, both in Boston and globally. It demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively in French, which can be an asset in bilingual or multilingual workplaces.
  • Personal Development: Passing the DELF exam is a significant accomplishment that can boost your confidence and motivation in learning French. It opens doors to further language learning opportunities and cultural experiences, both in Boston and beyond.
  • Immigration and Citizenship: In some cases, proof of French language proficiency may be required for immigration or citizenship applications in French-speaking countries. DELF certification serves as evidence of your language skills and can support your application process.
  • Travel and Cultural Exchange: Knowing French can enhance your travel experiences, whether you're visiting French-speaking countries or interacting with French-speaking communities in Boston or elsewhere. It allows you to communicate with locals, navigate cultural differences, and immerse yourself more fully in the culture and lifestyle of French-speaking regions.

Overall, taking the DELF in Boston provides a formal assessment of your French language skills and opens up a range of opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth for both children and adults.

Where to take the DELF exams in Boston?

The DELF exams can be taken in most part of United States, including in Boston, MA. According to the feedback from many French language students who took the DELF exams, the DELF examiners in Boston have a reputation for being less severe than those in France.

If you live in Boston, the École Française Greater Boston offers an after school program for children to deliver the DELF prim and DELF junior :
Cambridge – Fresh Pond
799 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

The Alliance Française de Boston is the accredited centre to deliver the DELF and DALF exams for adults :

53 Marlborough St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

The DELF and DALF schedules usually provides several sessions per year.
It is imperative to book your exam session.

Prepare for the DELF and DALF in Boston with our DELF French tutor

At French via Skype, our French tutor is a native French with international experience with more than 20 years’ teaching French in Europe and has had the opportunity to accompany many students living in Boston in order to best support them in their learning of French.
Certified in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), our French tutor has great expertise in the different levels of French required for the different DELF and DALF exams (for adults and children) and will be able to guide you throughout your learning of the language in order to that your level meets the specific expectations of the DELF and DALF exams, knowing exactly what difficulties candidates may have when preparing for exams of this type and guaranteeing you 100% success!‍

DELF in Boston with French via Skype, how does it work?

At French via Skype, we offer several DELF and DALF online courses for adult and children to choose from level A1 to C2 to obtain the best certificate grades as well as feel confident during the desired exam.

Our DELF and DALF courses are delivered online via Skype, Zoom or Teams or on the platform of your choice covering all aspects of the French language in order to best support you in your objectives.

Our DELF tuition is personalized, tailored to your specific needs and pace allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively than in a group or classroom setting.

  • We will design a study plan for you, based on your specific needs and your language level.
  • We offer an effective preparation with tailored learning materials (full range of DELF ressources and assessments).
  • Our French lessons target key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and meticulously work on each grammar point such as French connectors or the subjunctive to ensure that each area meets the requirements required for the DELF and DALF exams in Boston.
  • For homework, we will assign you work to practice grammar, develop your vocabulary and prepare written and oral comprehension, written and oral production tasks. The homework will then be prepared and reviewed by your teacher.‍
  • We offer you great planning flexibility. Our DELF French tutor is available all year, during the holidays and after work hours.

You don't know which DELF level to choose?

At French via Skype, we can assess your level of French and advise you on the appropriate exam based on your objectives in a realistic manner so that we can then put in place a teaching plan based on your level and the date of taking the exam, ensuring you the best success.

At French via Skype, we are happy to support DELF students to guarantee their success since 2014.

Some testimonials from students who have prepared the DELF with us are below.

" I began my lessons with Laure almost a year ago to improve my basic conversational French but ended up going for DELF A1 and aced it with a score of 96%. Her lessons are highly personalised and structured around gaps identified at each lesson. We usually begin the lesson with a recap of the previous, making sure that I am progressing at a comfortable pace. Overall, Laure is a fantastic, motivating and professional online French tutor whom I highly recommend. I am definitely not stopping here... DELF A2 here I come! "

Hui Tan, Clinical Research Associate

" Laure has been an absolutely incredible teacher, and I’ve passed my B2 with 92%! That is a fantastic improvement on my mark in the B1, done prior to our lessons. I get a huge amount of practice in all areas in the lesson, and we did plenty of mock exams of all types. After the session I promptly receive a list of vocab I couldn’t remember or didn’t know, words I mispronounced and really good homework focused on issues that came up in the lesson or things I have asked to work on. I’m continuing with lessons even after the exam, which really speaks volumes about how much I enjoy them, and I’m so delighted to now be able to tackle novels I previously had to give up on. I’ve really seen a huge improvement in my French, and crucially also in my confidence with the language. With plenty of encouragement and a huge amount of skill, Laure has helped me exceed my expectations! "

Katherine Rybacki, Researcher

“ Achieving a pass grade on the DELF B2 examination was a prerequisite for my doctoral program. Having spent half a decade studying French in a North American high school, I was confident that self-study would suffice. However, the reality was more challenging than anticipated, and I found myself floundering on my first attempt with a disappointing score in the 40s. That's when I enlisted the help of Laure. With her in-depth expertise and professional demeanor, she swiftly discerned my weak points and devised an astute, targeted plan to help me overcome them. Her assignments were also well curated to improve my skills and rigorous enough to have me studying 7 hours a week to keep up. Although I hesitated initially at the cost, her lessons showed me that it was well worth it. In just eleven sessions, Laure remarkably helped me boost my score by approximately 30 points, culminating in a pass mark of 71.5 at my second attempt. My primary obstacle was my speaking ability, a skill I hadn't had the chance to hone in years. I also struggled with key grammatical structures vital for the exam. Laure didn't merely teach me how to succeed in the DELF exam, but she also substantially elevated my overall French language proficiency. Should I dare to take on the DELF C1 exam, I would unquestionably reach out to Laure without a second thought. For anyone endeavoring to excel in a French language examination or aspiring to enhance their French speaking abilities, Laure can definitely help."

Yuri Han, PhD student

If you want to succeed to the DELF and DALF exams in Boston, French via Skype offers several online DELF French courses from A1 to C2 level designed according to your needs and schedule. You can certify your French language level well-equipped and with complete confidence.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us, we will be pleased to develop a teaching plan for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for lessons. ‍

À bientôt !