You want to take the DELF in Brussels?


You are learning French and want to prepare for the DELF in Brussels?
Our DELF French tutor helps you prepare for the DELF and DALF exams to feel confident and get the best marks!

The DELF/DALF offers several levels of French language whether you are a beginner or you speak French fluently.
The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are diplomas in French as a foreign language issued by the French Ministry of National Education.
DELF/DALF certifications are spread over 6 levels:

  • A1/A2 (elementary level)
  • B1/B2 (independent level)
  • C1/C2 (experienced level)

At each level, 4 skills are assessed: oral comprehension and oral production, written comprehension and written production.

Do you want to take the DELF in Brussels?

Before deciding to take the DELF in Brussels, consider your personal and professional goals, as well as your level of French proficiency. If you have specific goals that align with language certification, taking the DELF in Brussels can be a valuable investment in your French learning journey.

Why take the DELF in Brussels?

Taking the DELF in Brussels offers several advantages, whether for  children (DELF junior and DELF prim) or for adult (DELF and DALF) :

  • Official Recognition of Language Proficiency:
    The DELF is an internationally recognized certification that officially assesses one's proficiency in the French language. Having this certification is valuable for both personal and professional reasons.
  • Educational Opportunities:
    For children, obtaining the DELF certification can be advantageous in academic settings. It may be required or considered a valuable asset when applying to schools or programs that use French as the medium of instruction.
  • Professional Advancement:
    For adults, especially those working in Brussels or considering job opportunities in a French-speaking environment, the DELF certificate can enhance their employability. It's particularly beneficial in sectors where knowledge of French is an asset.
  • International Organizations:
    Brussels is home to numerous international organizations, including the European Union. Working in these organizations often requires proficiency in multiple languages, including French. The DELF certification can be beneficial for professionals seeking opportunities in such environments.
  • Cultural Integration:
    Brussels is a multilingual city, and French is one of the official languages. Having a good command of French is valuable for daily interactions, social integration, and navigating various aspects of life in the city.
  • Global Mobility:
    Belgium is a diverse and cosmopolitan country. French is one of the main languages spoken, and proficiency in French can facilitate communication and daily activities. It also provides individuals with the ability to engage with the local culture more effectively.
  • Language Requirement for Residency:
    Some residency and citizenship processes may require proof of language proficiency. The DELF certificate can serve as evidence of French language skills for both children and adults.
  • Cultural Enrichment:
    Learning French and obtaining the DELF certification can contribute to cultural enrichment, fostering an appreciation for the French language, literature, and traditions.
  • Community Involvement:
    For both children and adults, being part of the French-speaking community in Brussels can be enhanced by demonstrating proficiency through the DELF certification. It can lead to more meaningful interactions and involvement in cultural activities.

In summary,  taking the DELF exams in Brussels provides a practical and recognized way to assess and certify French language skills, opening up a range of opportunities for both children and adults in various aspects of life., from academia to professional opportunities and personal growth.

Where to take the DELF exams in Brussels?

The DELF exams can be taken in most part of the world, including in Brussels. According to the feedback from many French language students who took the DELF exams, the DELF examiners in Brussels have a reputation for being less severe than those in France. So if you live near the border with France and you are undecided as to where to take the DELF exam, we recommend that you register for the DELF exam in Brussels.

If you live in Brussels or in the Brussels-Capital Region, the nearest examination center is that of Brussels, which is located in the city center.

Here is the address of the center:

Av. des Arts 46, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

The DELF schedule usually provides for 4 sessions per year.
It is imperative to book your exam session.
You can register directly online for your DELF exams in Brussels on this link:
If you live outside of Brussels, the DELF exams can be taken at Alliance française Antwerpen or Alliance française Oost-Vlaanderen.

Prepare for the DELF in Brussels with our DELF French tutor

At French via Skype, our French tutor is a native French with international experience with more than 20 years’ experience teaching French in Europe and has had the opportunity to accompany many students living in Brussels in order to best support them in their learning of French.

Certified in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), our French tutor has great expertise in the different levels of French required for the different DELF and DALF exams (for adults and children) and will be able to guide you throughout your learning of the language in order to that your level meets the specific expectations of the DELF and DALF exams, knowing exactly what difficulties candidates may have when preparing for exams of this type and guaranteeing you 100% success!‍

DELF in Brussels with French via Skype, how does it work?

At French via Skype, we offer several DELF and DALF online courses for adult and children to choose from level A1 to C2 to obtain the best certificate grades as well as feel confident during the desired exam.

Our DELF and DALF courses are delivered online via Skype, Zoom or Teams or on the platform of your choice covering all aspects of the French language in order to best support you in your objectives.

Our DELF tuition is personalized, tailored to your specific needs and pace allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively than in a group or classroom setting.

  • We will design a study plan for you, based on your specific needs and your language level.
  • We offer an effective preparation with tailored learning materials (full range of DELF ressources and assessments).
  • Our French lessons target key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and meticulously work on each grammar point such as French connectors or the subjunctive to ensure that each area meets the requirements required for the DELF and DALF exams in Brussels.
  • For homework, we will assign you work to practice grammar, develop your vocabulary and prepare written and oral comprehension, written and oral production tasks. The homework will then be prepared and reviewed by your teacher.‍
  • We offer you great planning flexibility. Our DELF French tutor is available all year, during the holidays and after work hours.

You don't know which DELF level to choose?

At French via Skype, we can assess your level of French and advise you on the appropriate exam based on your objectives in a realistic manner so that we can then put in place a teaching plan based on your level and the date of taking the exam, ensuring you the best success in the DELF in Brussels.

At French via Skype, we are happy to support DELF students to guarantee their success since 2014 and we have had the opportunity to support many expatriates living in Brussels, allowing them to better integrate into Belgian society and pass their DELF exams.

Some testimonials from students who have prepared the DELF exams in Brussels with us are below.

“Laure was a great support during my preparation for DELF B1, thanks to her courses, I was able to pass with flying colors with a score of 92%!
We worked on each part of the exam, and she made me review all the vocabulary for each of the themes and she was able to make me assimilate the required grammar in a methodical way, this helped me a lot because I had quite a bit of gaps in my writing.
Not only was I able to pass my DELF exam but I also gained confidence with my speaking which helped a great deal in my day to day life. I highly recommend Laure's classes to anyone who wants to take the DELF! Thank you Laure!

Suzanna Langle - Researcher
(DELF B1) Brussels

“ I took lessons with Laure for 3 months in order to perfect my French and prepare for B2 which I had already tried to take that same year but which I had not succeed.
When I contacted Laure to start again, I no longer had any confidence in my skills and I lacked motivation.
Laure's lessons were a real boost for my French, Laure took the time to personalize her sessions according to my needs and to cover all the grammar that I did not used during my first attempt at the exam.
She gave me sound advice on how to structure my thoughts, we had extensive oral practice for it and she reviewed all my practice on written and comprehension as well as my various written tasks.
Laure was completely dedicated to my progress, without her enormous support, I would not have been able to pass the exam.
On the day of the exam, I was calm and confident, particularly for the oral, I significantly improved my mark and I was able to obtain an overall mark of 85%!
Which in all honesty is a miracle compared to what I had obtained before.
Thank you Laure!
I highly recommend Laure and her DELF preparation courses. “

Lysa Stubbs - Developer
(DELF B2) Brussels

“Laure was recommended to me by one of my former colleagues. I therefore contacted her without hesitation to help me prepare for the DELF B1 in order to motivate me in learning French and above all to help me communicate better in my professional environment, mainly French-speaking. These few weeks of classes allowed me to arrive perfectly prepared for the exam, which I successfully passed! I have decided to aim for B2 from now on! Thank you Laure  for your availability and professionalism! "

Dr Patrick Tan
(DELF B1) Brussels

If you want to succeed to the DELF exam in Brussels, French via Skype offers several online DELF French courses from A1 to C2 level designed according to your needs and schedule. You can certify your French language level well-equipped and with complete confidence.

If you would like to discuss your needs with us, we will be pleased to develop a teaching plan for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for lessons. ‍

À bientôt !