Learn French in Lausanne

May 20, 2022

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You are looking for a French tutor in Lausanne?

With French via Skype, you can learn French wherever you are.

Spoken and written French

Have you recently arrived in Switzerland and want to learn French in Lausanne? The time has come to choose the French course best suited to your needs!Are you a beginner or want to deepen your knowledge in writing or speaking? Do you want to improve your chances on the job market?

Whatever your needs, French via Skype offers French lessons adapted to your pace. Our tutor helps you quickly gain autonomy in everyday situations and supports you in your progress.

French via Skype provides online French lessons for adults and children. Individuals or small groups.

Business French 

You want to learn French in Lausanne so that you can communicate with your French-speaking colleagues? Or you are looking for a job and you want to make a difference with your language skills.

Business French courses offered by French via Skype are taught to you by a qualified teacher, guaranteeing you an authentic education. Our teacher is a native French speaker with international experience, bilingual in English.French via Skype offers online Business French courses tailored to your needs and your schedule to acquire the necessary knowledge to work in a French speaking environment or to do business with French speakers.

DELF – DALF preparation

Do you want to learn French in Lausanne and obtain an internationally recognized French diploma?

French via Skype offers you DELF and DALF courses, in which you can prepare for the desired exam. Learn French in Lausanne and validate your French skills.Our French tutor prepares you for the DELF and DALF exams, recognized by employers and universities around the world.

If you want to discuss your needs with us, we will then be pleased to come up with a teaching plan for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at French via Skype.

À bientôt !