What are the DELF B2 speaking topics?


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In DELF exams, the speaking parts are often considered to be the most difficult exercise and therefore the test most feared by candidates. This is of course also the case for the DELF B2.

DELF B2 speaking test lasts approximately 20 minutes and is in two parts:
a monologue suivi (5 to 7 minutes) and an interactive exercise (10 to 13 minutes).

  1. Presentation and Discussion (Part 1): In this first part, you'll be asked to give a presentation on a given topic. This could be a general subject, an article, a picture, or a situation to describe. After your presentation, the examiner will ask you questions to delve deeper into your presentation and engage in a discussion with you about the topic.
  1. Dialogue and Debate (Part 2): In this part, you'll engage in a conversation with the examiner or another candidate. You'll discuss a given topic, express and justify your opinions, exchange viewpoints, and possibly debate controversial issues.

The candidate will have to draw two subjects and choose one of the two subjects. Then he will have 30 minutes of preparation.

What are the DELF B2 speaking topics?

In the DELF B2 speaking test, examiners typically cover a wide range of topics to assess your ability to communicate ability to communicate fluently and coherently in French, express your ideas, understand others' ideas, and debate convincingly.
While the specific topics may vary from one exam to another, here are some common themes that you might encounter :

  1. Personal Information: You may be asked to talk about yourself, your background, education, work, hobbies, interests, and future plans.
  2. Daily Life: Discussing your daily routine, habits, activities, and how you spend your free time.
  3. Travel and Tourism: Talking about your travel experiences, favorite destinations, cultural differences, and memorable trips.
  4. Culture and Society: Discussing cultural events, traditions, customs, and social issues in French-speaking countries.
  5. Education: Sharing your thoughts on education systems, learning languages, studying abroad, and the importance of education.
  6. Technology and Media: Discussing the role of technology, social media, the internet, and their impact on society and communication.
  7. Environment and Sustainability: Talking about environmental issues, climate change, sustainable practices, and initiatives to protect the environment.
  8. Health and Lifestyle: Discussing healthy living, diet, exercise, healthcare systems, and wellness trends.
  9. Work and Careers: Sharing your experiences in the workplace, career aspirations, job opportunities, and the future of work.
  10. Current Events: Discussing recent news, global events, politics, and their implications.

It's essential to be prepared to express your opinions, provide examples, and engage in a dialogue with the examiner on these Delf B2 speaking topics.
Practicing speaking French regularly will help you feel more confident and fluent during the speaking test.

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Yuri Han, PhD student
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Katherine Rybacki, Researcher
(DELF B2) Geneva, Switzerland

" I have had lessons with Laure for a year. One year ago I was at A1/A2 level, despite lessons and an A at GCSE level. My initial aim was to obtain the B2 DELF in order to work with French speakers, here in Switzerland. From the start Laure was able to recognise the errors I commonly made and would write these down so that I could learn them, she would then test me in the following lesson. She positively encouraged me to speak, write, read and listen throughout this time. Laure would check my written work in between lessons and was always happy to help. She even bought the B2 DELF practice exam book that i was using, so that she could help me. have been to University and had Post graduate teaching in medical studies. I can truly say that Laure is one of the kindest, most dedicated, thoughtful, professional and effective teachers that i know. She is methodical and offers structure to her lessons. She possesses the characteristics and qualities of a great teacher. I do not use this term lightly, I have had several other teachers but she stands out from the crowd. I worked hard and passed the B2 in November 2017, thanks to Laure. Since then Laure has continued to help me to gain confidence in my profession. She has shown herself to be adept at learning medical terminology as well as using different teaching styles to help me. Thank you Laure, you have helped me so much to realise my dreams. Last year, I was successful in a interview in French. In 2018 I start work in a 100% french environment. I believe that Laure can help anyone to learn French to a high level and boost your confidence at the same time. If you are motivated, she will help you. If you are discouraged she will help you find your courage. "

Dr Steve P
(DELF B2) Lausanne

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