Business French Vocabulary

February 15, 2021

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For those who need to use French in a professional context, business French vocabulary is as important as grammar or pronunciation.
The terms of commercial or technical French can sometimes be difficult to assimilate, which is why a specific preparation must be initiated. The vocabulary to learn depends on the activity of your company, and your position.

Here are some examples of essential vocabulary of business French

Corporate life vocabulary

  • L’entreprise (f)/la société (company)
  • La gestion (management)
  • La direction générale (head management)
  • La direction financière (financial management)
  • Le service juridique (legal department)
  • Le service des achats (purchasing department)
  • Le service commercial (sales department)
  • Le/la représentant/e commercial/e/ (sales representative)
  • Les ressources humaines (f) (human ressources)
  • Le cadre (executive)
  • Le/la salariée/l’employé/e (employee)
  • Le siège (headquarter)

Business project vocabulary

  • Le/la chef de projet (project manager)
  • Le comité de pilotage (steering committee)
  • Les objectifs (m) (objective)
  • L’équipe (f) (team)
  • Le collaborateur/la collaboratrice (colleague)
  • L’assistant/e (assistant)
  • La réunion (meeting)
  • La responsabilité (duty)
  • La tache (task)
  • La gestion (management)

Commercial vocabulary

  • La direction des ventes (sales management)
  • Le salon professionel (trade-show)
  • La marge (margin)
  • Le chiffre d’affaire (turnover)
  • La réduction (discount)
  • Le rabais (rebate)
  • La vente (sale)
  • La vente prévisionnelle (sales forecast)
  • Le client/la cliente (customer)
  • Le devis (quote)
  • La présentation (sales presentation)

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