Institut Francais

December 24, 2015

Logo of Institut Français

The Institut Français is a a French Cultural center in the heart of Bejing.

The institute shows French films regularly and it has an active program of exhibitions, conferences, films as well as an extensive library of more than 30,000 documents. This includes books, essays, comic books, books for infants, journals, documentaries, French Language text books, CDs and DVDs.

The institute was originally set up in 2004 as a cultural center in the Year of France in China and taking the name L’Institut Français in 2011, the Institut Français has been rennovated and reopened 18th May 2014 by Monsieur Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Guangcai International Mansion, 18 Gongti Xilu, 100020 Beijing

For more information see their website.