Maison France-Chine

October 10, 2015

Maison France Chine

The Maison France-Chine in Beijing was recently opened as part of an effort to facilitate development of French business in China.

The development is the culmination of a project initiated by the CCIFC in partnership with Scout Real Estate, CCI Paris Ile de France and with the constant support of the French embassy. This project gathers on two storey of a freshly renovated building:

  • the CCIFC offices and its business centre hosting 19 companies
  • 11 partner companies : Alinea, Anthogyr, la CCI Paris Ile-de-France, Crepanini, HEC, Impeto Medical, Leaf, LLR, la Maison de la Chine, Scout Real Estate and Tailor Made

The Maison France-Chine addresses the need for rationalization of expenditures as no public financing is involved. These new premises are also a promise for more business opportunities as their shared professional and convivial spaces to help creating a business friendly environment.

See the CCIFC website for more information.