Petite France in Seoul: Seorae Village

January 31, 2018

Petite France Seoul

Seorae Village is a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside. It consists of 16 colourful French-style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture.

…a little corner of France, right in the heart of Seoul.

Seorae Village (Seocho-dong in Seoul) can be reached by a bus from Gapyeong station and many people drop in as part of a visit to nearby Nami Island. While there, why not visit the Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall to see displays dedicated to the life of Saint-Exupery and his novel “The Little Prince”?

This village has grown around a French school which opened in 1985. Embassy staff and other expatriates gathered there for their kids’ education. The village has grown as a number of French companies established a presence in Korea.