How to succeed in the French IB curriculum in Dubai

November 15, 2020

Students in Dubai

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What are the opportunities for IB French curriculum in Dubai?

The IB French curriculum is recognized by prestigious universities from all around the world and especially those in Dubai. Graduates of international studies are sought after by future employers because they have developed the skills required to take up positions in international business such as French companies established in Dubai. Quite a few French companies are located in Dubai, these are particularly concentrated in the energy sector. But other areas are developing, such as the food industry, the luxury industry and tourism. What’s more, learning French language seems essential for an international career.

Where to take on the IB French curriculum in Dubai?

To meet the need for international openness and the multiculturalism of our societies, we are seeing the proliferation of establishments offering the IB French curriculum. Private schools in Dubai offer a variety of curriculum, and one of the most popular choice is the international Baccalaureate IB.

Here is a list of the top international Baccalaureate (IB) schools located in Dubai where your child can follow the French IB curriculum

  • Jumeira Baccalaureate School (JBS)
  • Gems World Academy
  • Raffles World Academy
  • Gems International School – Al Khail
  • Swiss International Scientific School
  • Dar Al Marefa School
  • Emirates International School Jumeirah
  • Greenfield Community School

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For more than 15 years, at French via Skype, our online certified French tutor is highly experienced with IB French curriculum in Dubai, and guarantees you the best grades in IB French exams. As it is not always easy for children to excel in their studies, the competition is severe in an IB school and a support course in IB French is sometimes essential. French via Skype provides online private French lessons specialized in IB French given via the internet. A practical solution, as Dubai being a very large city, this will save you endless journeys and less time wasted driving your children from one lesson to another.

Your IB French tutor in Dubai will provide online French classes via Skype or Zoom covering all aspects of the French IB curriculum and exams. The emphasis will be on oral and comprehension but will also cover the written part of the French IB curriculum and exams in Dubai.

French via Skype offers several online IB French courses designed to your needs and schedule to obtain the best grades for the IB French certificate and to feel confident during the IB French exam.

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