Why not learn French online during the lockdown?

April 28, 2020

French class by Zoom or Skype

Life in lockdown is challenging for many reasons, we may not be able to leave the house but we can still travel with our minds, now could be a great time to learn a new skill. French via Skype can help you learn French online from the comfort of your home using Zoom or Skype. 

We offer online French class with Zoom or Skype, conducted by a native French tutor with international experience, giving lessons for adults and children.

There are several courses for all ages to choose from beginner to advanced level wherever you are looking for a one on one lesson or if you are a small group of friends who want to share the experience of learning French online.

While school might not be open and homeschooling becoming challenging, we provide fun online French lessons with Zoom or Skype for children so they can keep up with their French, we also assist middle school and high school students to succeed at the examinations for  GCSE/A-level, HSC and IB French.

Learning French online is a good escape of the mind, it is just as productive as face-to-face teaching, and even more.We sometimes hear comments from students who are reluctant to opt for online French classes, preferring to learn in the presence of a teacher.It is interesting to emphasize that distance education, and by learning French online, is just as effective or even more. We noticed, from practicing both, that students are much more available when they work with Skype or Zoom. Their attention is optimal as they are looking at a screen during the lesson, and not being distracted by something else. Choosing an online French teacher also allows you to seek skills that you may not find in your immediate environment.From our experience Zoom and Skype are the best tool out there for online language learning.

Don’t hesitate to contact French via Skype if you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !