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At French via Skype, our IB French tutor guaranteeing you 100% success at the final exams!

Our IB French tutor targets key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and works meticulously to ensure that each area meets the standards required for the IB diploma at beginner level (Ab Initio), Standard (IB SL) and Higher (IB HL) for a range of students of all levels.

Take online IB French tutoring wherever you are

Your IB French tutor can provide IB French classes anywhere in the world.
At French via Skype, our IB French tutor is an expert in the curriculum of the most prestigious International schools such as those in Paris, London, Sydney, and Melbourne and works closely with their teachers to help you feel comfortable during the oral exam and get the best grade!

Our IB French tutor has had the opportunity to accompany many IB students, in order to best support them in their learning of French, allowing them to succeed in their IB French exams.

Some testimonials from students who have followed classes with our IB French tutor are below.

"I have studied French for an overall of 11 years but only started classes with Laure 3 years ago, and can say as someone who's had multiple French teachers prior, that she has been the most key to the improvement of both my academic and conversational French. I first looked into Laure to guide me through French in the IB as it is quite rigorous and academic which I had not encountered before. Since then, we have done a range of activities, from practicing speaking about topics which could come up in my speaking exams, to exercising my academic French by writing debates, letters and dissertations.
As someone who is an introvert, I was very shy when first starting my classes with Laure especially as I had never had a native French teacher before and therefore assumed she had higher expectations. I still remember my first class with Laure where, instead, she was incredibly patient, warm and supportive. Since then, my writing, speaking, reading and listening skills have majorly advanced to which I've received comments from family, school teachers and even french-speaking friends concerning how much my French has improved! Even though I have graduated, I continue my classes with Laure to allow me to ease back into conversational French which is always the highlight of my week. Therefore, I highly recommend Laure if you're studying French as a beginner, an intermediate level or even if you would like to learn it as a hobby. “

Audrey Stewart
Medical student - Sydney, Australia, 2019/2020/2021/2022/2023

" Almost a year and a half ago, I commenced ‘French via Skype’ with Laure because I desired to improve my academic ability and I have a deep interest in travel and global connection. Thus, I can testify to the excellence of Laure’s classes, which are perfectly structured to cover all aspects of language learning. In each lesson, there is always the opportunity to engage in discussion about daily life. This has considerably improved my conversational French and ensured that classes are consistently engaging and often humorous. Laure also concentrates on reinforcing new vocabulary and grammar structures so that they become part of my long term memory. Entering my senior years as a student, a key criteria for valuable tutoring lessons is effective pacing. Laure achieves exactly this, optimising my time so that I rarely feel overwhelmed and conveniently conducting lessons online. I can converse with a native French speaker right from my desk at home! Laure further caters to my needs as a student by willingly providing feedback on school projects. Overall, our lessons have completely elevated my French skills and confidence. "

Sasha Laragy
IB Student, Sydney, 2021/2022/2023

" I started tutoring with Laure at the start of year 11 and I can honestly say that I would not have done nearly as well with IB French without her. She is knowledgeable, organised and she always pushes her students to be better. It was her guidance and teaching that allowed me to feel truly confident with the French language.
So I highly recommend Laure and French via Skype to anyone that either needs help with secondary school French or just want to get ahead in their French proficiency. "

Matthew Rassias
Student, Melbourne, 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023

" I started having lessons with Laure in January 2016 as I was having some difficulties at school with my IB French. Our lessons considerably improved my marks and my comprehension of the language. Each lesson, we worked on vocabulary, grammar and we did a lot of exercises too (dictation, writing and comprehension), all of that helped me to achieve some really good marks and i successfully passed my French IB exams at the end of the year! I really enjoyed our lessons and would like to recommend Laure to other students who need support with their French ".

Lea Kroot
IB student, Brussels, 2016/2017/2018

Prepare for your IB French exams with our IB French tutor

Our highly experimented IB French tutor helps you prepare effectively for your IB French exams, offering personalized IB French courses which focus on the four aspects of the language : listening, oral expression, written production, and written comprehension.

With the support of our IB French tutor you will be able to :

  • Develop oral and written communication skills in French. This includes the ability to express yourself clearly and coherently, to understand and interpret written and oral texts, as well as to produce varied written tasks.
  • Explore the diversity of French-speaking cultures and societies through the study of texts, press, films, songs, and other artistic forms. Understand the cultural, historical and social themes associated with the works studied.
  • Develop intercultural sensitivity by comparing and contrasting the cultural aspects of French-speaking societies with your own cultural context.
  • Develop in-depth reflection on the themes covered and stimulate your critical thinking by analyzing texts, evaluating perspectives and formulating opinions.

IB French tutor with French via Skype, how does it work ?

At French via Skype our IB French tutor support you so you feel confortable during the oral exam and get the best marks!

Your IB French tutor will provide personalised French classes covering all aspects of the French IB curriculum and exams, whether for the IB Diploma at beginner level (Ab Initio), standard (IB SL) and higher level (IB HL) for a range of students of all different abilities.
Our teaching method to prepare for the IB exam is adapted to each student, you will progress effectively, your IB French tutor always make sure to make every lesson lively and interactive!

Our private IB French lessons are delivered online via Skype, Zoom or Teams or on the platform of your choice covering all aspects of IB French curriculum in order to best support you in your objectives.

Our IB French tutoring is personalized, tailored to your specific needs and pace allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively than in the classroom setting.

  • Our IB French tutor will design a personalized study plan for you, based on your specific needs and your language level.
  • Our IB French tutor offers an effective preparation with tailored learning materials (full range of IB French grammar, ressources and assessments).
  • Our IB French lessons target key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and meticulously work on each IB French grammar point such as French connectors or the subjunctive to ensure that each area meets the requirements required for the IB French exams.
  • For homework, we will assign you work to practice grammar if necessary, develop your vocabulary and prepare written and oral comprehension, written and oral production tasks. The homework will then be prepared and reviewed.
  • We offer you great planning flexibility. Our IB French tutor is available all year, during the holidays and after work hours.

If you are interested in arranging classes with our IB French tutor, we offer 3 types of IB modules designed to your needs and schedule to obtain the best grades for the final exams as much as feeling confident throughout your studies.

Here are the different modules we offer :

Online Module 1: Oral IB

  • This style of class is for those with limited time who want to practice the individual oral commentary/discussion and/or the interactive oral.
  • All material, lesson reviews with vocabulary and exercises will be provided after each lesson by email.
  • Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Online Module 2: Oral and Comprehension IB

  • This style of class is designed to teach oral fluency, reading and comprehension. With your private teacher, you will work specifically on the skills you wish to develop and progress according to your needs and at your own pace.
  • Preparation for oral, reading and comprehension with original IB exam documents.All material, lesson reviews with vocabulary and exercises will be provided after each lesson by email.
  • Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Grammar.

Online Module 3: Oral, Comprehension & Writing IB

  • This course is designed for students who wish to prepare for all aspects of the French IB curriculum and exams, the emphasis will be on speaking and comprehension but also on the written part of the IB.
  • We will provide specialized IB vocabulary and in-depth grammar exercises so that we can practice the IB writing task and the extended essay.
  • We will then provide written corrections via email and course reviews after each lesson. Email exchanges and regular support with your teacher will be available for those who need it. Preparation for speaking, reading and comprehension examination, and writing essay with the original documents for the IB exam.
  • Support for the extended essay.
  • Course topics: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our IB French tutor at French via Skype if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for lessons.

À bientôt !