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You are looking for DELF B2 preparation courses?
At French via Skype, our highly experimented DELF French tutor helps you prepare for the DELF B2 exam, guaranteeing you 100% success!

The DELF/DALF offers several levels of French language whether you are a beginner or you speak French fluently.
The DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) and the DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are diplomas in French as a foreign language issued by the French Ministry of National Education.
DELF/DALF certifications are spread over 6 levels:

  • A1/A2 (elementary level)
  • B1/B2 (independent level)
  • C1/C2 (experienced level)

At each level, 4 skills are assessed: oral comprehension and oral production, written comprehension and written production.

Why take the DELF B2 exam?

Taking the DELF B2 exam, which stands for Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française B2, can offer several advantages for French language students.

Here are some reasons to consider taking the DELF B2 exam:

  • Recognition of Proficiency:
    DELF B2 is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates a high level of proficiency in the French language.
  • Academic and Professional Opportunities:
    Many educational institutions and employers worldwide recognize DELF B2 as evidence of language proficiency. Achieving this level can enhance your academic and professional opportunities.
  • Study or Work in Francophone countries:
    If you plan to study or work in a Francophone country, having the DELF B2 can be a serious asset. It may be required for admission to universities or for certain job positions.
  • Residency and naturalisation requirements:
    Some countries may require proof of language proficiency, such as DELF B2, for residency or naturalisation applications, especially if you intend to stay for an extended period.
  • Personal Achievement:
    Passing the DELF B2 exam can be a rewarding personal achievement and can boost your confidence in using the language effectively.
  • Cultural Engagement:
    Achieving a high level of language proficiency allows for deeper engagement with French-speaking cultures. For example, you can more appreciate literature, films, and music.
  • Language Learning Goal:
    For individuals learning French, setting the goal of reaching DELF B2 can provide a clear target and structure for language learning. It helps in tracking progress and staying motivated.
  • Preparation for Higher Levels:
    For those considering advanced French language studies or exams (such as DALF), achieving success at the DELF B2 level serves as a solid foundation for further language learning.

Taking the DELF B2 exam can be a strategic step for learners seeking to validate their French language skills and opens up a range of academic, professional, and personal opportunities.

DELF B2 preparation courses with our DELF tutor

At French via Skype, our French tutor is a native French with international experience with more than 15 years’ teaching French in Europe and has had the opportunity to accompany many students in order to best support them to success to the DELF and DALF exams from A1 to C2 level.

Certified in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), our French tutor has great expertise in the different levels of French required and will be able to guide you throughout your learning of the language so that your level meets the specific expectations of the DELF B2 knowing exactly what the difficulties may be for candidates preparing for exams of this type.

What our DELF B2 courses cover

Level DELF B2 corresponds to an independent user level (advanced or independent level)
To achieve it, we offer personalized courses which focus on the four aspects of the language : listening, oral expression, written production, and written comprehension.

At the end of our online DELF B2 preparation course, you will be able to :

  • Understand and produce complex texts:
    This includes reading and listening comprehension, as well as the ability to express oneself in writing and orally on a variety of topics.
  • Interact effectively in various situations:
    This involves engaging in conversations, discussions, and debates. It assesses your ability to communicate fluently and appropriately in different contexts.
  • Handle more complex grammatical structures:
    The exam evaluates your mastery of grammar, vocabulary, and the nuances of the French language at an advanced level.

In summary, at level B2, you are a candidate already more comfortable with the language than at level B1, you can communicate with spontaneity and ease with a native speaker.

However, note that you can very well have a B2 in oral comprehension but a B1 level in written expression, for example. Assessing foreign language skills is not an exact science, and everyone has weaknesses and strengths!
Don't forget the key is to stay consistent in your practice and actively engage with the language!

DELF B2 preparation courses with French via Skype, how does it work?

French via Skype offers you a full range of individual online DELF courses, materials and assessments to help you better understand the French language and pass the DELF B2 exam.

Our online DELF B2 courses are accessible to people who already have an B1 level. If you do not have an B1 level, we can help you reach the minimum level required to start preparing for the exam.

Our online DELF B2 courses are delivered via Skype, Zoom or Teams or on the platform of your choice covering all aspects of the French language in order to best support you in your objectives.

Our DELF tuition is personalized, tailored to your specific needs and pace allowing you to achieve your goals more effectively than in a group or classroom setting.

  • We will design a personalized study plan for you, based on your specific needs and your language level.
  • We offer an effective preparation with tailored learning materials (full range of DELF B2 ressources and assessments).
  • Our French lessons target key areas such as listening, reading, writing and speaking and meticulously work on each grammar point such as French connectors or the subjunctive to ensure that each area meets the requirements required for the DELF B2 exams.
  • For homework, we will assign you work to practice grammar, develop your vocabulary and prepare written and oral comprehension, written and oral production tasks. The homework will then be prepared and reviewed by your DELF French tutor.
  • We offer you great planning flexibility. Our French tutor is available all year, during the holidays and after work hours.

Our DELF B2 preparation courses are ideal for practicing the standard exam tests and receiving personalized feedback in order to pass the exam successfully!

At French via Skype, we are happy to support French students taking the DELF B2 exam to guarantee their success.

Some testimonials from students who have prepared the DELF B2 exam with us are below.

“ Achieving a pass grade on the DELF B2 examination was a prerequisite for my doctoral program. Having spent half a decade studying French in a North American high school, I was confident that self-study would suffice. However, the reality was more challenging than anticipated, and I found myself floundering on my first attempt with a disappointing score in the 40s. That's when I enlisted the help of Laure. With her in-depth expertise and professional demeanor, she swiftly discerned my weak points and devised an astute, targeted plan to help me overcome them. Her assignments were also well curated to improve my skills and rigorous enough to have me studying 7 hours a week to keep up. Although I hesitated initially at the cost, her lessons showed me that it was well worth it. In just eleven sessions, Laure remarkably helped me boost my score by approximately 30 points, culminating in a pass mark of 71.5 at my second attempt. My primary obstacle was my speaking ability, a skill I hadn't had the chance to hone in years. I also struggled with key grammatical structures vital for the exam. Laure didn't merely teach me how to succeed in the DELF exam, but she also substantially elevated my overall French language proficiency. Should I dare to take on the DELF C1 exam, I would unquestionably reach out to Laure without a second thought. For anyone endeavoring to excel in a French language examination or aspiring to enhance their French speaking abilities, Laure can definitely help."

Yuri Han, PhD student
(DELF B2) Seoul, South Korea

" Laure has been an absolutely incredible teacher, and I’ve passed my B2 with 92%! That is a fantastic improvement on my mark in the B1, done prior to our lessons. I get a huge amount of practice in all areas in the lesson, and we did plenty of mock exams of all types. After the session I promptly receive a list of vocab I couldn’t remember or didn’t know, words I mispronounced and really good homework focused on issues that came up in the lesson or things I have asked to work on. I’m continuing with lessons even after the exam, which really speaks volumes about how much I enjoy them, and I’m so delighted to now be able to tackle novels I previously had to give up on. I’ve really seen a huge improvement in my French, and crucially also in my confidence with the language. With plenty of encouragement and a huge amount of skill, Laure has helped me exceed my expectations! "

Katherine Rybacki, Researcher
(DELF B2) Geneva, Switzerland

" I have had lessons with Laure for a year. One year ago I was at A1/A2 level, despite lessons and an A at GCSE level. My initial aim was to obtain the B2 DELF in order to work with French speakers, here in Switzerland. From the start Laure was able to recognise the errors I commonly made and would write these down so that I could learn them, she would then test me in the following lesson. She positively encouraged me to speak, write, read and listen throughout this time. Laure would check my written work in between lessons and was always happy to help. She even bought the B2 DELF practice exam book that i was using, so that she could help me. have been to University and had Post graduate teaching in medical studies. I can truly say that Laure is one of the kindest, most dedicated, thoughtful, professional and effective teachers that i know. She is methodical and offers structure to her lessons. She possesses the characteristics and qualities of a great teacher. I do not use this term lightly, I have had several other teachers but she stands out from the crowd. I worked hard and passed the B2 in November 2017, thanks to Laure. Since then Laure has continued to help me to gain confidence in my profession. She has shown herself to be adept at learning medical terminology as well as using different teaching styles to help me. Thank you Laure, you have helped me so much to realise my dreams. Last year, I was successful in a interview in French. In 2018 I start work in a 100% french environment. I believe that Laure can help anyone to learn French to a high level and boost your confidence at the same time. If you are motivated, she will help you. If you are discouraged she will help you find your courage. "

Dr Steve P
(DELF B2) Lausanne, Switzerland

‍At French via Skype, we specialize in preparing for the DELF B2 exam, you can certify your French language level with all the required French knowledge and with complete confidence.

If you are interested in our online DELF B2 preparation courses, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for lessons.

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